Yes, I am confessing that I have also Deleted Facebook. My full life of giggles and greats has dribbled to a drip. I thought it was happy fun at first. Then I also noted changes not only of my comments, but continuous repetitive pictures of any and all things every where. Besides, every picture of me made me look FAT. ugh…

Who are these people and who cares? 15 minutes of fame took too long. And as all of us are told “go green” put it all in the cloud.

We do live in an amazing time. Communication to anyone in the world: but what we say, do or perform on this “line” is subject to change by one knowing a key. This key creates litter and encourages theft.

It seems an overplayed and tarnished toy.

I have not joined any other chat group except Discuss. It was in another time frame for me and I didn’t get the game plan.

So, in my rundown daily kicks consist of simple fare to eat, time with my animals, being with my male child who made it home from Iraq/Afghanistan including a few bumps from that horror and then we pray our Thanks.

God Bless To All and always count your Blessings.

My wish for all “if anything makes you laugh out-loud, tuck it in your hand and put it close to your heart.”

Don’t forget my motto “be kind to your neighbors and friends, smile at strangers you see BUT NEVER NEVER get into their car”

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