THE PLANT — part two

This is weird, because this really isn’t ABOUT yesterday’s plant but what happened is that I took a photo of said plant to hopefully attach to that post. I was searching all the wires on my computer looking for the piece that fits into the camera. In so doing, I inadvertently pulled something and the computer lost power as did the lamp next to the computer. Now what! Well of course, I immediately called my honey who said he’d come earlier this evening and take a look.

With no lamp, we used two flashlights, opened the slats of the blinds to try to see better and my honey checked everything he knew how to check and the consensus was that we would have to contact our computer person, who would charge a good fee to make things right again.

In the meantime, and you have no way of knowing this, Marie had arrived. Marie is an in-home chef who shops for your dinner, comes to your home, prepares and serves the food, cleans up and leaves you with wonderful leftovers. This was a really special birthday gift to me which I received last month and sure enough, that dinner was planned for last night. I kind of wanted to spend some time in the kitchen with Marie, but I was busy running up and down the stairs (actually creeping up and down in my presently-beeping chair lift), to try to assist my honey, all the while telling Marie why we were up here attending to the computer.

In a bit, when things (eg rack of lamb) was a-cookin’ in her special titanium pan, she offered to take a look at the computer. She came up, gave ONE look, said everything was properly attached and gave a click and VOILA, everything was working again. It was the power switch that somehow got shut off in the melee and now it was on again.

So the windup was that my honey and I enjoyed a wonderful repast and were just thrilled at the versatility of our chef.

And there she is in all her glory. Amen!!