The Real End Game of Gender Identity Politics

Posted on May 19, 2016 by cgold

It’s not about gender. It’s about person property rights.

What’s all the hullabaloo about gender identity? When .3% of the population has a legitimate gender identity issue, why is the Federal Government involved in regulating the other 97% through Presidential edicts such as the one President Obama just enacted? The answer lies not in the short run but in the end game.

Think about it. Our sex is determined biologically at the time of conception, or creation, by the presence of certain chromosomal configurations. You’re either male or female. That “selection” is made by nature or God, depending upon your belief system. Yet, what the most recent political encroachment does is take away that biological selection, that natural selection if you will, by overriding it and saying you can now choose again, based upon your particular preference at any given moment and for any given reason. What’s more, everyone else has to recognize and accommodate your latest selection.

Now, for the moment, let’s shift to personal property rights. Personal property rights and freedom of religion were the two motivations for the founding of this country. This was going to be a place where individuals could create prosperity through their own efforts and retain the benefits of their creation and the profit of their efforts. The Declaration of Independence sets forth this principle at its outset with the words, “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Pursuit of happiness was the ability to pursue what you wanted to do and to retain the efforts of your labor. They were throwing off the yoke of feudalism whereby your labor benefited not you but rather your Lord or King.

Progressivism, the American form of Socialism (aptly described as “10 minutes before Communism”), has as its end game the seizure of personal property and its ownership and regulation by a select few, cleverly mis-characterized as “The State.” But the taking of personal property rights from citizens whose history is antithetical to that concept is a slow and incremental process. Progressives know this, and beginning in the later 19th century, with President Woodrow Wilson, they began the long, slow march to do just that.

We are now at a revelatory moment in that process.

If you can be convinced, or intimidated by way of political correctness, to relinquish a biological sexual reality for the benefit of the greater good, by allowing the State to tell you that you must relinquish your privacy for the greater good, then Progressives are well on the way down the road of forcing you to give up your rights to private property for the greater good, as well.

The process by which government is already doing this is called eminent domain. This is a government taking of private property for public use. Such taking is supposed to be for a significant purpose with just compensation. However, in reality it turns out, it can be the taking of an elderly woman’s home to install a parking lot for a casino.

This is the real danger of a Trump Presidency. Donald Trump may call himself a Conservative but, like the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” that is the logo of the Socialist Fabian Society, Trump is a Progressive in Conservative clothing. No Conservative favors any form of eminent domain. It runs antithetical to the Constitution and our very existence as Americans. Make no mistake, I’m not advocating for the alternative. Hillary Clinton is a self-described “early 20th century Progressive.” She is no better or worse than Trump.

This isn’t about either candidate. This is about the cancer of Progressives in both parties and the unmasking of gender identity politics. It’s just the next giant step down the road to Communism by way of Socialism.

So no thanks anyway, Target. Or whoever else thinks that you can tell me what is biologically male and what is biologically female. And no thanks, Trump, or any other Progressive, who comes hunting for my God-given natural rights by way of gender identity politics.

I’m a woman as determined by my DNA. I may not have built that but I sure as heck built my business and what flows from what I build is my property by Divine right.

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