How to Keep Friendships in These Turbulent Times #theyearbefore60

May you live in interesting times. That sentence is attributed to an ancient Chinese curse. ( it’s actually not, but that’s another story) And everyone on both sides are surely saying, who the hell put THAT curse on me?

Though many label me a liberal, I am actually more of a moderate.

I like guns, am very pro-military AND I believe in the death penalty (that’s from growing up in Brooklyn: you hurt someone I love, I hurt someone you love) Do I think there should be gun control? Absolutely! My family lost someone to gun violence well, if you can call an AK-47 a gun. And with my NY attitude I should never own a gun cause I would use it ALL THE TIME.

I also think we should give a hand to people in need and women should be in charge of their own bodies. I have always been pro-choice, yet I could never have an abortion. Do I think some people abuse welfare and some women use abortion as birth control? Yes. So now that your head is spinning on my political views….

My point is there is no black and white when it comes to being a human being. It’s important to say that because right now, families and friends are being ripped apart because they disagree politically. I have dear friends who are politically the opposite of me. We’ve been friends for over 30 years. Just because I’m not happy with who is in charge or their views doesn’t mean I’m no longer their friend.

I’ve had people privately say to me “ How can you still be friends with so and so?” Because we actually discuss other things besides politics. WHAT? How can you do that? Newsflash, there are other thing to talk about. Careers, showbiz, PUPPIES. I love my friends in SPITE of the fact that there I things I don’t like about them. For example I have a liberal friend who never responds to my texts. Another who talks while chewing. One that hardly bathes (that one’s tough TBH)

My husband plays softball with a bunch of mainly right leaning guys. Yea, they argue about politics but they’d much rather yell at each other about whether it was a ball or a strike. In the end they go out after the game, have a beer and watch the Mets lose AGAIN.

When I do discuss politics I really do try to find common ground. It’s not easy. We’ve ALL become kids in the schoolyard fighting. “It’s my ball, no it’s my ball. He did it, she did it” At this point no one is listening unless you agree with them. And that’s kinda sad. If we all agree on everything how boring is that? Also that’s North Korea.

Nothing will change after you read this blog but can we try to see the other point of view for even a brief moment? Even if we think they’re bat shit crazy?

We do all like pizza right, RIGHT?