Finding the Motivation to Online Date

I recently went back on Coffee Meets Bagel and am diving back into the online dating world. I’m not sure what it is but I have never felt motivated to online date.

The thought of meeting someone for an hour or two to never see them again seems like a waste of time to me. Sure, this person might be “the one”, but I’d rather meet up with a lot of people at once and become friends. And then hopefully one of those friendships turns into a relationship.

I think I struggle with giving everyone a chance. What I mean is that I have the tendency to like a person and then not give anyone else a fair chance. I’ll stop responding to people or “like” less people on the app because in the back of my mind, I hope that it might work out with this one person.

I just don’t think I have the right personality for online dating. Some people love it and can do it all the time. I find it to be a chore. I feel as if I’m trying to impress someone I don’t know and I don’t like that. When you start out as friends, you’re not trying to impress anyone, you’re just being yourself. And there’s so much pressure in that 1 hour that you meet that person. It’s possible that you’re both nervous for the first meet up but you both can actually vibe really well after you two really get to know each other.

But these days, I feel like the only way to meet someone is by online dating and being in a app. No one approaches people at the bar anymore. Or do they?

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