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I started out as a middle school substitute teacher. Armed with my secondary education degree, I tried to get a teaching job, while my husband worked as a chauffeur with our single car, a 1969 Cadillac limousine we purchased for 1275 dollars.

Teaching jobs were scarce, my husband spoke with a heavy accent, and writing anything in English was difficult for him. Shortly after we married, he asked me to stop looking for a teaching position. He needed help to run the business.

I agreed as long as we could start a family, and so our work-life together began. I…


Photo taken by the author
Photo taken by the author

I gave up coffee and tea about a year before the pandemic. It was a stomach thing, and after so many years of acid reflux, I finally decided my treasured morning brew wasn’t worth the pain.

December I underwent allergy testing and realized the annoying symptoms were not caused by the coffee, but the milk or cream I poured into it. I was in fact, allergic to dairy.

March found me home, and with the discovery of delicious non-dairy oat milk, I was able to enjoy that cup of coffee before my workday began in our strange, new circumstances

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I went on a scavenger hunt with my grandchildren yesterday. The school had asked them to find things associated with Memorial Day and poppies were on the list. My daughter-in-law asked how could a thing of such vibrance and beauty be related to war. While I knew poppies signified remembrance, I had no idea why. Here’s what we discovered.

During World War One, Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae served as a surgeon at a field hospital in Belgium.

As he worked in the deplorable conditions of a field hospital, a meadow of flowers bloomed nearby. …

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1- I learned that loneliness is a state of mind. People are everywhere and if you reach out to connect, they will respond. I have gotten closer to people and discovered more about both them and myself through the intimacy of our phone calls and video chats.

2- When I was sinking with despair, relief came from the most unexpected places. Acquaintances became friends, friends became support systems, work associates laced their strength with mine and together we were able to keep each other from crumbling. When they say strength comes in numbers, I learned that was true.

3- Solutions…

Working at home is nothing new for me. I built our business from the kitchen over forty years ago on a $1200 start-up loan from my kid brother.

I was able to bring up my children and grow our client base while my husband repaired cars and picked up the passengers. Little by little, our fleet and bank account grew until we purchased buildings in each of the cities we had home bases and employed hundreds of people.

This is what I learned.

1- You have to be disciplined. Get dressed and show up ready to work when your day…

It took little more than a week to dismantle a business that my husband and I built over the last fifty years.

We were humming along in what was the best year we’ve seen in a decade when reality struck. We were going to have to close it down to the barest minimum.

A week ago Wednesday, on March 5, after a restless night, I arrived at the office and told my kids to get our staff set up to work remotely. This meant coordinating twelve offices across the country and involved over seven hundred plus people.

“I have equipment…

Dale E. Lehman passed on the challenge of naming five books worth reading. or walk the plank. Well, since I have just had my hair done, and don’t feel like going back to the salon, I decided to take the challenge.

Indeed, certain books have influenced my thoughts or remained with me on my journey through life. Books have served double-duty for me by opening new genres to explore. Just when I thought I’d never read ‘a book like that,’ I have found that I can, and will now seek out more of the same.

I think of reading a…

Picking the cover to your new publication

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I have no intention of getting married again, however, I have recently discovered the joy of watching a show on television's TLC channel called, Say Yes to the Dress. It simply makes me happy.

This is a new activity for me. Watching Randy and his minions of salespeople in their little black outfits has captured my imagination and my heart. The show begins with a short history with the bride talking about her intended. …

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Erica Graham threw the gauntlet down! She challenged a few of her friends and colleagues to slow down and notice the beauty that surrounds them.

For me, it was easy. I try not to miss the wonderful world surrounding me. From the time I was young, my parents often pointed out the eye candy we often don’t notice in our hurried lives.

I can still remember a ride with my dad over fifty years ago when he drove me to school and pointed out a magnificent tree in the midst of changing from a lush green to a cornucopia of…

Carole P. Roman

Fearless grandmother, writer, optimist, craps player, book genre jumper.

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