Stressed and confused animals being exhibited at the convention. Hypocritically, the people who caress them at the convention today will cut them up and eat them tomorrow. It’s called cognitive dissonance.

Thugs Beat Up Animal Rights Activists at International Agriculture Convention in Paris — Video

By Carole Raphaelle Davis — Feb. 24, 2018

Update: More video — shocking footage of violent mob of meat producers attacking activists on the convention floor.

50 Activists from the French animal rights group 269 Libération Animale stormed the International Agriculture Show (Salon International de l’Agriculture) in Paris this morning, loudly occupying the floor where “food” animals were being exhibited and just feet away from where French President Macron and his entourage were making an appearance to appease meat producers who are demanding more government intervention and subsidies.

Across the globe, vegan activists are stepping up their campaigns of direct action and civil disobedience, confronting animal abusers where the abuse is taking place, at conventions, points of sale, and inside slaughterhouses. At the agriculture show this morning, the activists entered the floor, stood together in formation and took off their outerwear, revealing T-shirts with the 269 Libération Animale logo. They brandished signs and chanted “justice for animals!” Security guards and meat farmers immediately assaulted the activists, ripping the signs from their hands and violently shoving several to the ground.

Activists disrupt inside the International Agriculture Show in Paris

It was a shocking outburst of violence by hooligans in the meat biz. Peaceful protesters who were verbally demanding justice and peace for animals were answered with blows from out-of-control bullies. A few male activists attempted to shield female activists by bravely positioning their bodies in between the security goons and the women.

See the shocking violence erupt as 269 Libération Animale storms the agriculture convention in Paris on Feb. 24, 2018

A video posted on 269 Libération Animale’s FaceBook page shows at least a dozen security guards working for the agriculture convention and members of the crowd clearly brutalizing the activists, who remained non-violent throughout their disruption. Several female activists were shoved to the ground and beaten. The video shows attendees jeering and booing the activists and yelling “get them out.”

“We think it is urgent to show a veritable opposition force against speciesism,” said Tiphaine Lagarde, founder of 269 Libération Animale, in a statement on her Facebook page, “and we can no longer merely conduct inoffensive marches in the streets that are authorized by the state — far from the actual place where animal exploitation occurs, justifies itself or is decided upon. We must disrupt the system in order to oppose it efficaciously; so let us go to the oppressor and force them to deal with direct action.”

Several men in the crowd who might have been security guards, singled out female activists and brutalized them. Here are several screenshots from the video:

This man was seen brutalizing non-violent female activists. Who is he?
This man was beating non-violent female activists. Who is he?
This man was hitting non-violent female activists. Who is he?

The activists were pushed and/or dragged out and then were subjected to identity checks by police outside the convention center.

Below, see another video of the violent mob shoving, hitting and dragging animal rights activists. It is not surprising to see that those who were actively engaged in removing the activists were young, muscular men and they were targeting women. There were too many of them to all be security guards. I’m guessing they are in the farming industry and they view animal rights activists as a threat to their livelihood.




Author, Journalist, Director of campaigns, Europe, Friends of Animals, Vegan Animal Rights Activist /Actress Singer-Songwriter, FeministCo-founder #Metoo France

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