Donald Trump’s campaign of prejudice and paranoia is unlike anything we’ve seen — and it’s…
Hillary Clinton

I like this direct, truthful, matter-of-fact plea for common sense. You’ve got my vote and that of most of my social network. What disturbs me though is that I can’t seem to wake up the crazies who are holding on to “Benghazi,” “emails and servers,” your so-called health issues and now the Clinton Foundation and its ties to Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi closeness with the US really bugs me (and a lot of my friends too). I cannot bear to see people in power (the King and Crown Princes) murdering gay people for being gay, people who incarcerate their own daughters and who pay to export the unjust, ruthless, cruel Wahabbi way of life — a backward, barbaric culture that victimizes women and girls.

No 12 year old girl should be married/raped. No women should be forced to endure what Saudi women endure. Slavery ought to be illegal everywhere. They can’t even travel without a man’s permission. They can’t even show their faces. They have no rights. It is outrageous. Adultery and apostasy are punishable by death. They can’t leave abusive husbands without risking losing their children. It’s not just Saudi Arabia; it’s every single Islamic state we do business with that does not allow equal rights for women. As a voter, I want to hear from you regarding this issue — not just by being a woman who will be president of the United States, no, that’s not enough — but one who stands up for women, loud and clear, pointing out the injustices on their territory.

Stand up for Muslim feminists in the middle east and Africa today. Only you can help them. I don’t care about tradition. Their traditions are deadly and belong in the trash of history like other horrid traditions. Say it. Say it loud.

I don’t just want a woman president, I want a feminist president. Be THAT president. The president who makes the world a safer place for women and girls. We will sprint to the voting booth with purpose.