Life without parole

What happens when you truthify the #SeaWorld press release

And how it exposes the hypocrisy of the Seaworld/HSUS alliance.

All I did was replace the word “orca” with the word “slave.”

Press Release: “SeaWorld is announcing that the killer whales(SLAVES) — or orcas(SLAVES) currently in the company’s care will be the last generation of orcas(SLAVES ) at SeaWorld. The company will end all orca (SLAVE) breeding as of today.

We are also introducing new, inspiring, natural orca (SLAVE) encounters in place of theatrical shows. It’s part of SeaWorld’s ongoing commitment to education, marine (SLAVE) science research and rescue of marine animals (SLAVES). The new programs will let the orca’s be orca’s (SLAVES be SLAVES) focusing on the same behaviors the whales (SLAVES) have in the wild.

This change will start in its San Diego park next year, followed by San Antonio and then Orlando in 2019.

We’re also excited to announce a broad new partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to protect our oceans and the animals (SLAVES) that call them home.

We are committing to educating the 20 million visitors who come to our parks every year on how they can take action to help these animals (SLAVES) in the wild.

We couldn’t be more excited about the future.

“SeaWorld has introduced more than 400 million guests to orcas (SLAVES), and we are proud of our part in contributing to the human understanding of these animals (SLAVES),” said Joel Manby, President and Chief Executive Officer of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. “As society’s understanding of orcas (SLAVES) continues to change, SeaWorld is changing with it. By making this the last generation of orcas (SLAVES) in our care and reimagining how guests will experience these beautiful animals (BEAUTIFUL SLAVES), we are fulfilling our mission of providing visitors to our parks with experiences that matter.”

“SeaWorld’s commitment to end breeding of orcas (SLAVES) is a long-held goal of many animal (SLAVE) advocacy organizations, and we commend the company for making this game-changing commitment,” said Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of HSUS. “Today we turn a corner, working together to achieve solutions on a wide set of animal (SLAVERY) issues — sunsetting the use of orcas (SLAVES) at existing facilities; never bringing in orcas (SLAVES) into new facilities; maximizing its focus on rescue, rehabilitation and advocacy for marine mammals (SLAVES) in the wild; and sourcing food for the animals (SLAVES) and for its customers from humane and sustainable sources, including cage-free eggs (FROM SLAVES) and crate-free pork. (FROM MURDERED SLAVES)

“We are pleased to join with HSUS on the significant issues facing marine mammals (SLAVES) and their ocean homes,” said Manby. “The work done by zoological (SLAVE HOLDING) facilities like SeaWorld is critical for the protection of animals (SLAVES) in the wild, especially marine mammals (SWIMMING Future SLAVES). To that end, SeaWorld has committed $50 million over the next five years to be the world’s leading marine animal (SLAVE) rescue organization, to advocate for an end to the commercial killing of whales and seals (FREE MEN) and an end to shark finning.”

The orcas (SLAVES) at SeaWorld will live out their lives at the company’s park habitats, where they will continue to receive the highest-quality care based on the latest advances in marine veterinary medicine (SPECIAL SLAVE DOCTORS, SPECIALIZING IN THEIR CARE), science and zoological best practices. Guests will be able to experience these orcas (SLAVES) through our new educational encounters..

SeaWorld reaffirms its commitment not to collect marine mammals (SLAVES) from the wild. It has not collected an orca (SLAVE) from the wild in almost 40 years, and the orcas (SLAVES) at SeaWorld were either born there or have spent almost their entire lives in human care. These orcas (SLAVES) could not survive in oceans (LANDS) that include environmental concerns such as pollution and other man-made threats.

Find out more about SeaWorld’s historic announcements at #EMPTYTHETANKS

Note from the author:
This announcement isn’t their choice, they came to it kicking and screaming. The California Coastal Commission has made it impossible for them to continue their breeding program. Activists have eroded their reputation and caused serious financial losses. There is a state bill moving forward which will hinder Seaworld even more. The anti-captivity movement is a growing global social justice movement.
Anti-captivity activists are forming alliances to further erode business at animal prisons. Check out the activists from Sans Voix PACA in France:
It is disturbing to see powerful people in the animal protection movement celebrating this press release. They are simply promoting themselves, not advocating for the animals — as they purport is their mission. You don’t have to be a scientist to know that incarcerating the innocent for profit is wrong. What is true is that corporations that are responsible for the most harm typically ally themselves with charities in order to smoke and mirror their crimes and to rehabilitate their image after they have been exposed. Large companies like Exxon and BP, both responsible for hundreds of thousands of animal deaths, benefit financially from these associations with charities, erasing their crimes in the minds of the public. Non-profit orgs also benefit from these perfidious alliances by taking credit for what looks like progress, then asking for tax deductible donations based on the so-called progress.
What HSUS has done here is a betrayal of animals at best and a sell-out of grass-roots activists while giving the public a feel-good-about-yourself- PASS for buying a ticket to a slave show. At the same time, the HSUS legitimizes a corporation which harms, incarcerates and kills animals. The thousands of activists pounding the pavement in the fight against captivity are not buying it.
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