No more whispers….
Nikki Beauchamp

I have followed you for years. You sent me a Starbucks GC and your company magazine that I read from cover to cover. I love NYC, I love living in Tampa, FL. On the bus…the first time I was ever touched inappropriately I was riding a city bus in Cleveland, Ohio. He sat in the seats that ran parallel to the sides of the bus, I was in the first seat facing forward. He stroked my leg several times, I yelled. The driver saw it in his mirror, pulled over, and threw him off the bus. Then the incident you attended, now the groping/grabbing incident with we-all-know-who. What is it with the bus? Normally we get thrown under the bus as the saying goes. I am sorry I was touched, I am sorry all of you were subjected to gross and highly unprofessional language from people who should absolutely know better, and I am sorry for the women who have been groped over and over again by you-know-who. More than that I am sorrier still for the girls and women who have not told their stories. Go Nikki, proud to know whom you are and proud of you for standing tall.

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