My First Story on Medium

Hello, I thought long and hard about this. I know that people use this platform to really speak their minds and believe me I know how to do that. However because this is my first story here I thought I would keep it on the sweet side. I am a Midwestern woman living in the South so I will keep it sweet and Southern. That’s really a crock of bullshit.

I will try to stay kind though. I am sitting here watching Phil Collins live on a talk show, I will stay kind. I do like the title of his new book “Phil Collins, Not Dead Yet”. I understand that. As I get older age is no longer a number it is a prediction and I am not thrilled with that at all.

Death doesn’t have to be really dead. The last 6 months of my life have been fraught with dead happenings. First there was a friend who went crazy. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. She is crazy. I couldn’t deal with her any longer, she is the queen of victims and she wore me out. The friendship died in November.

Then a business partner needed to die. After a year she had not done anything she had said she would do and then she tried to fool me on something — so she had to die. She did not get it when I told her probably still doesn’t but she is dead to me as a partner. That is how December ended.

January was all about my baby girl’s eyes — my baby girl is my Bichon Frise, Willie. Her cataracts were getting worse so I tried my best to save her sight. Off I took her to University of Florida Vet Med and she was all set for surgery but day of she had eye ulcers. That began the slow death of Willie eventually losing her sight. I won’t list everything she and I went through but suffice it to say it has been about $2500 total and no surgery. She wears an eCollar a lot. She currently has any eye ulcer and I need to protect her. January ended with Willie’s eyes dying (well not quite but they can’t be fixed.)

February damn near killed me. My husband, the man I love unconditionally (along with the dog) came in the house on a Saturday and said “I think I need a doctor’s appointment.” I asked him why he thought that and he used his hand to go across his chest and said “Because I hurt right here.” Can you only imagine how quickly I got him to the ER? I thought he was going to die.

They fixed him temporarily with a stent but the keyword was bypass. I died even more. February, the month of love, and he and I both saw things dying.

Then as we began to explore how to proceed I got shingles. Gratefully I only had a mild case. In fact I only had 7 lesions that never turned into blisters — I escaped the death of shingles and in a way I am relieved because I hate those f*cking TV ads that tell me that my chances are 1 in 3 in my lifetime. Ha! I am 1 in 3.

March was coronary artery bypass graft surgery time. What died in March? Thankfully not my husband, but he came close. A simple double bypass turned into him almost bleeding out, he needed a second exploratory surgery, he was in shock, he had over 21 units of blood products in 8 hours, and he ended up with AFib as a complication. Lord have mercy. What should have been a 5 day stay became 11 and I was running on survival mode. I don’t know how I did it because it was just me, no kids, no one to help, just me. I damn near died. March ended with the knowledge that if he had not had the surgery he would have been in heart failure eventually because they found a birth defect — the old “hole in the heart” birth defect and they repaired it.

Enter April, could anything die in April? Shit yes. Larry’s wedding band grew legs and walked out of the house. The ring that I placed on his finger 17 years ago is gone. It was stolen. We know who took it, but there is nothing we can do about it now. It was quite a hunk of gold. In fact the same ring today is almost $1000. so we won’t be replacing it right now.

May is here. Larry is doing great. His doctors are so impressed. He recovered like a champ. He is a vitally strong man. He is back to doing everything he did before surgery and his biggest complaint is that he occasionally gets tired. May is almost over, thankfully nothing died. Both of our careers are back on track. Money will start coming in again, things are great even though some plans died. We had to cancel some trips, we stay home for dinner now, we sit outside a lot and listen to music and a woman I have known for years only on Facebook crafted him a sterling silver wedding band. That’s life, real loving life, from a wonderful woman — she breathed life back into our lives.

And this is my first story. Life is pretty damn good and oh yeah one more thing happened, through out all of this I was having a few issues, I had a stress test, my heart passed with flying colors, it was really real stress not my heart. Thank goodness. Thank you.

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