James, you call someone who remains faithful, but changes political party a backslider?
Susie Meister

As one who grew up in a very conservative church and very passionate about the teachings of Jesus, it was natural that as I listened and understood His teachings that I would champion the poor and marginalized. Who wouldn’t? Unbeknownst to me, that was not the message everyone else was getting! All of my siblings from the same upbringing as me are very conservative - Tea Party Evangelicals. I was very conflicted - religiously and politically for many years as I tried to make sense of what I “heard” versus what I “should have heard”. I knew that being liberal was a “bad” citizen and I was a good citizen, or at least trying to be. So I would say I was conservative until I started going through each issue and most of the time would side with the liberal view. I think most people do side with a liberal view when all the issues are put out one at a time. As I have gotten older, I have become more liberal and wear it as proudly as I can in a sea of conservatism. As I witness the horrific cards dealt at birth for some, it baffles me that people believe that a loving, merciful God gave them a better birth status because they are more special and deserve more “blessings” than those who had less fortunate births and that is the way it should stay. Oh and another thing, why would God condemn a Muslim woman, or anyone else who has never had a chance to hear about Jesus, to an eternity in hell. Maybe that is for another discussion but that one has bothered me the most since childhood.

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