How to Have Gorgeous Eyes with Volume Lashes Columbia Sc

The use of volume lashes is a new product technology which was brought to America in 2013. This technique has its roots in Russia and Ukraine. Also known as Russian Volume, volume lashes became popular since then, not only in North America, but in many countries as well.

Volume Lashes Columbia Sc

What are the advantages of using volume eyelashes? Some women have thin or scarce eyelashes making their eyes look dull and old. Ordinary eyelash extensions can add length to your natural eyelashes. In the case of volume eyelash extensions, fullness, texture and volume are greatly improved, creating sexy and beautiful eyes. With this new technique, multiple eyelash extensions are applied to one individual natural eyelash. With the help of volume lashes, you can add fullness to your eyelashes. They are thin and lightweight, so you do not have to worry that they will feel heavy. Usually, the diameter of the lashes used for this technique is only .05, .07, 0r .10 mm. It is also noteworthy that the amount of adhesive used for this technique is less compared to ordinary eyelash extensions.

Volume Eyelashes Charleston Sc

The client can customize how much volume she wants to add to her natural eyelashes. The following are the different types of volume eyelash extensions:

• 2D (2 volume lashes applied to 1 natural eyelash)
• 3D (3 volume lashes applied to 1 natural eyelash)
• 4D (4 volume lashes applied to 1 natural eyelash)
• 5D (5 volume lashes applied to 1 natural eyelash)
• 6D (6 volume lashes applied to 1 natural eyelash)

Volume lashes are light and fluffy. Have beautiful eyes with the help of this cutting edge technique. Highly trained artists will provide advice and feedback so you can achieve the look that you want.

Other Types of Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent lash extension is another type of eyelash extension. But before you get too concerned, let us define first what semi-permanent eyelash extensions are. They are extensions that are bonded to the natural eyelash. Your natural eyelashes have a lash cycle; they will fall off and re-grow in approximately six to eight weeks. Semi-permanent lash extensions can last until your natural eyelash falls off. This characteristic makes them different from false eyelashes that usually come in strips, which only last one to two days. One important component of a semi-permanent lash extension is the type of bonding agent used. A high quality, long lasting glue is used to ensure that you can enjoy your longer and fuller eyelashes for a longer period of time. You can choose the style that you want: natural, cat eye, or dramatic.

If you want to have volume eyelashes and semi-permanent lash extensions in Columbia SC, Summerville SC and Charleston SC, visit the website and check out the best eyelash extensions and beauty products and services in South Carolina. Highly trained artists and staff will be happy to help you achieve a beautiful and gorgeous look.

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