Permanent Lash Extension Columbia SC: How your eyelash extension gets done

Every woman would fancy having full, dark and curly eyelashes. A woman is more beautiful when wearing this type of eyelashes either natural or artificial. How are the eyelashes fixed, and what goes on in the surgery sessions? This article hopes to shed more light on the processes of eyelash fixing.

Getting the services of the professional

Eyelash fixing may appear to be simple, yes but a little hitch here and there can be very dangerous for the eyes for some fixing. This is more applicable if you have to get a semi- permanent eyelash fix done. There are tools, glues and other equipment that may require some bits of caution in handling so you don’t cause damage to the eyes. The beautician from the reputable salon can be trusted to do a good job in your eyelash fixing than trying to figure out some things yourself.Remember that you are dealing with the eyes here and great measures and carefulness have to be taken.Find a good salon such as Mink Individual Lashes Summerville South Carolina for your eyelash fixing.

What surgery does and how

With surgery, getting a natural and permanent eyelash fixed is the ideal way to go if you are particularly tired of having to get eyelash fixed at home every now and then. Surgery will give you the natural eyelash that you have ever longed for. Are you looking for darker, longer, curlier and fuller eyelashes that would be part of you as your natural body? The permanent approach through surgery is what would give that to you. This is not mint hair. It is your own natural hair that grows on your eyelash.

The procedure for permanent eyelash

First thing here is having an experienced and qualified physician in place to help in the operation. Here at Permanent Lash Extension Columbia SC, you are sure to find the qualified and experienced physician that would give you the quality of service for your eyelash surgery.

After your session of consultation and examination with the physician, this is how the operation goes.

Hair is extracted from a donor region of your body. This is often the back of the neck because it is always rich with quality hair. Before this is done, you will be injected with anesthetics to relief any form of pain during the surgery.

The extracted strands of hair are implanted one after the other in your eyelids. This is done through the incision created for the grafting to be effected. With this method, it takes some patience for this to be achieved. When all implantation is made, the implanted hairs grow in a matter of days. By this time, you still have to pay a visit to your doctor to do some trimming and check on the performance of the process.

The success rate in eyelash surgery is high and there have not been issues of any kind in the operations.

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