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Eyelash extension is the practice of enhancing the look of the eyelash by improving its thickness, length, and fullness. All women are not the same genetically so making up through extension procedures is one way round your eyelash growth.Likewise do our preferences differ. You may want it short, thick and fuller while some other persons will want the direct opposite.

Whichever is desired, all will make the elegant and beautiful look for an aspiring woman.

Eyelash extension kits

In the eyelash extension salon here are some kits used by the artists which you can find useful as well when you get to apply a DIY approach in the nearest future.

• False extension eyelash Glue brush kit
• Strip under patch pad glue case kit
• Extreme strong individual eyelash adhesive
• Semi-permanent eyelash extensions C curl kit
• Eyelash extension glue removal tool

The above kits are the general view for the most kit type used by the practitioners. You can have more specific brands in the market. They are basically, the eyelash brush, the adhesives or glue for fixing and the glue remover. You also have a curler and other more specific tools. These kits are usually cased in a box with the complete set for your practice needs.

Permanent eyelash extension

The permanent eyelash extension can be the natural extension done through surgery or grown through the use of vitamins and nutrients. In the surgery process, hair is transplanted from other parts of the body to the eyelash. This is allowed to heal and grow naturally as desired. There is also a semi-permanent means where a stronger adhesive is used to give a lasting extension.

Natural eyelash extensions Charleston and its neighborhoods provide good natural extensions through the salons and clinics around. Book for your consultation today and get the best treat for your eyelash extension.

Consultation procedure

A reputable eyelash extension salon will take you through a session to know what will best suit your eye type or what you desire. This is usually the first stage in every consultation and can be a free service or paid one depending on the status of the company. You will get through different methods, styles, duration and cost for each service.

Choosing the right salon for your extension

Like in Natural False Lashes Charleston South Carolina and its localities, you can always have an eyelash extension in many places. When going for one that should meet your desired need, it is therefore required that you check out some needful.

The licensed salon should be an eyelash only discipline and not general beautician type if you want at least the best in that field.

You should make your research a priority by finding out the mode of operation of the owners. See how qualified the staff is in their work areas. Weigh out their plans and cost as well. You don’t always need to go for the cheapest though, but quality delivery should be in the topmost priority.

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