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Conservatives do a terrible job of educating the (uninformed) public on their beliefs, and liberals do a terrible job of hiding their beliefs. I am conservative for many reasons, and I can’t wrap my head around how a Christian can be liberal. Nowhere in the Bible does it tell us to blindly give to our human, non-divine, flawed government more than we give to God. Many liberals substitute their political views for religion, which is frightening for Christianity. The government wastes taxpayers’ money recklessly, and we can’t help those in need because we are in need ourselves. I’ve never heard a parable or Bible verse that says we should abdicate our social responsibility to our godless government. Even with my conservative, Christian beliefs, I find myself wondering why the government isn’t taking care of a particularly disadvantaged person. God created me, NOT the government to take care of his creation. One reason liberalism seems so unChristian to me is that it assumes that minorities and the poor are beneath us and need to be given a supplement to be able to live in our world. Please spare me…I’ve worked almost exclusively in lower socioeconomic schools, and I can tell you that not one of those children or families are inferior to me and mine. It’s no crime to be poor, but a government that gives incentives for people to remain poor is evil, and has nothing at all to do with Christianity. The government has repeatedly failed them, and liberal politicians bank on having the uninformed enrich their personal bank accounts. Liberalism represents greed, racism, and class-ism. The only remedy I see is for Christians study their Bibles AND think for themselves.

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