Not a Black Chair.
Amélie Lamont

To say that you were bullied and treated unfairly is embarrassingly understated. I can’t think of words to describe how horrifying this is; truly, I’m shaking from reading this. However, in the interest of understanding each other, I’d like to explain why, as a white person, I would not consider this true racism. Please understand, I’m not in any way trying to minimize what you went through, but I welcome honest dialogue about matters of race. Without a doubt, the people in this company were unprofessional, vindictive, predatory, and treated you heinously, but the only thing you said about race was the comment about the chair. That’s clearly a despicable remark, meant to minimize you personally, but being black is never a disadvantage. You are clearly an intelligent, well-spoken, educated woman, and the fact that you have brown skin is undeniable, but meaningless. She is a sorry excuse for a human, and that incident makes me furious! She should have been fired, or at the very least been counseled, had a note in her file, had sensitivity training, had to write a note of apology to you, and been demoted from a supervisor. However, you should have been long gone from that place before that ever happened. You are beautiful and perfect and “you were made to fill a purpose that only you can do, so there can never be a more beautiful you” (From Jonny Diaz song, A More Beautiful You, please google it and listen to the whole thing!) You did a great job of explaining a complicated situation clearly and concisely, and there may be more racial issues that you left out, but I’d like to hear what you think. What they think or say about you is not your business, and considering the character of the people based on their actions, I’d say if they don’t like you, it’s a fine compliment. You have every reason to hold your head high and smile, because you are worthy. I know I’m rambling, but I hurt for you and I’m struggling to make my point without offending you.

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