What’s after Outreachy?

Carolina Jiménez Gómez
Jul 29 · 2 min read
Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

The internship is almost done and all the interns have to start thinking on their career path, so, what’s next for me?

For my part I would like to have another internship or a full time job, if I got both opportunities I would choose the one that helps me more leveling up my career as a Software Engineer. My dream is to work in a big company, to be part of something giant and good for people, to be part of a company that cares about how to improve lives and help others, that is not blind to social problems and wants to be part of the change, that cares about inclusion and that gives opportunities to everyone.

I always liked helping people, and I want to keep doing so, I’d like to motivate others, help them grow and share knowledge and opportunities. That’s my life’s goal, and to be happy, of course.

I liked contributing to open source, I think is very cool and it is a good way of enriching your CV, in my free time I would like to keep contributing to Mozilla; at the beginning I knew Mozilla but I wasn’t aware of how cool it was and how much they care about people, about our security, I love it 🧡.

I’m not sure what new technical skills I want to learn, I’m open to learn any, I think that will depend on my next job. And for soft skills, I want to learn to communicate my ideas better in Spanish and English as well.

My current interpersonal skills are: I’m collaborative, respectful, I like learning and teaching, I always work hard, I like improving myself every day, I’m friendly, I like encouraging and mentoring, among others 😀.

I have worked with different programming technologies, like: C++, JavaScript, Python, Java, Node.js, Django, Firebase, React, React Native, MySQL, MongoDB. I’m not an expert in any of them though, I just developed some projects with them. (Take a look at this)

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineer, I worked in a Research Group in my University, I had an Internship in Germany as a Software Engineer and now I’m finishing my remote internship at Mozilla 😁.

I’ll be able to start working after my internship ends, let’s say in September; I’m open to relocation or to work in a remote position. If you liked my profile and want to get in touch here is my LinkedIn.

Ah, and for people looking for opportunities as me, take a look at this link: https://www.outreachy.org/opportunities/.

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