En 2025, más de mil millones de personas en la tierra habrán alcanzado una calificación previa a la educación superior a lo largo de sus vidas.

Se ha planteado recientemente el cuestionamiento acerca de la educación y en especial de los adultos.
¿Qué deberemos aprender? ¿A que nos enfrentamos? ¿Nos enfocamos en las aulas? ¿En los contenidos? ¿En la personalización? ¿En la apertura global?
Lo primero y más importante será centrarnos en qué habilidades / capacidades nos comprometemos a desarrollar y después en el cómo.

Dentro de las opciones globales más avaladas se encuentran las siguientes 4 habilidades:
1.-Capacidad para generar…

The Colourful Design Thinking Tool’s

The Innovative Companies are using Design Thinking, Why?
“I see it everywhere, I all over the world” says Caro Salazar, a CEO director at the Design Thinking Sweden AB “sounds silly. But when I go into the different companies, I see teams of people getting together and collaborating with sticky colourful notes.”
The colourful notes are a hallmark of “design thinking” exercises, in which participants often jot down thoughts on the brightly coloured pieces of paper and place them on a whiteboard as part of creating, for example, an “empathy map” to understand the perspective of the…

“How is the future?”

Hope: it is anticipating something good to come in the future. You do not expect what you already have, although you can expect it to continue or end.

We have Hope to believe and create the best or the best we can. It is even an act of conscious affirmation.

The human tendency to hope is a consequence of the evolution of the brain.

And it is the source of the opportunities to come. It encourages us to continue and puts wings at our feet. Without it, we are unable to take action from anything.


Carolina Salazar
Design Thinking Sweden

Innovar es el resultado de un proceso de diálogo, profundo con el ego; y con la interacción de la escucha y de alianza entre diferentes mentes e ideas; donde surgen oportunidades de colaborar. Plantear de manera explícita la importancia y el valor de la CO-INNOVACIÓN abre posibilidades de comprender mejor el rol que tienen las alianzas en la innovación y, a la vez, orienta la mirada hacia la búsqueda de oportunidades de innovación en la manera como las organizaciones interactúan, conversan, se alían y cooperan.

Util es la Innovación Colaborativa, ya que tiene en cuenta…



In this exciting and, at the same time, thrilling world, for good and not too good, we are still thinking that the future is coming…. Tomorrow?? But the real problem is that for many of us and for our minds the future is already here, in the present.

To work with Innovation is neither a fashion nor a tendency, it is a duty for a change for all of those enterprises which, do not want to disappear in the following years. It is mentioned that it could be in the following three years. …

The Design Thinking Principles born in Scandinavia.

The Stockholm Exhibition in 1930, had a very significant change in the world of design, an exhibition of art, crafts, furniture and architecture, and whose claim was “beautiful things that improve your life.”Exploring for the first time, the emotional side of the user.”

This arises from the Nordic need to generate in the houses happiest and comfortable spaces in which to spend long hours in a beautiful and loving environment; to avoid darkness in the months of snow and severe weather conditions.

The term was declared: “Scandinavian design” that originates from a design…

Competition is increasing, and there is a greater chance of differentiation, as long as it is quickly acted upon to identify the opportunities offered by changes each day. We are facing the uncertain, and every day we are more exposed to new and complete challenges.

The term VUCA originated with the War College of the United States Army to describe the conditions resulting from the Cold War. …

Carolina Salazar

I believe that design is a tool for creating a better understanding between people and products, thinking about our future world, and creating unobtrusive yet.

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