‘Article Bunny’ Reject Gives Advice to Freelance Writers

Here’s my personal experience with low-rent content marketing platform Article Bunny. I had flirted with the platform for six months but kept my rates high. But one day, I was feeling insecure due to a personal crisis, so I lowered my rate.

Sure enough, Bugs had an offer, a “Speedy.” They gave me five hours to write a 1,600-word article on how to build D.I.Y. spaceships to build authority of an anonymous company. The article required substantial research, but I thought I could handle it.

I clicked “Sign Me Up for Abuse” and hopped to writing an article. Science/ Tech is my thaaang and I had a blast writing about the science and legal hurdles (e.g., FAA) of suborbital space ships.

I rushed, rushed, rushed to write the best article I could and barely squeaked the article on time.

Then, the Article Bunny entity killed the story within minutes based on “minor typos.”

I swear I used Grammarly—the app of choice for cheapo companies who don’t employ editors.

Because their fucking platform didn’t support the app, I had to copy/paste the honking 1.6K words into Gmail, have Grammarly work its magic, and then copy/paste my work into their soul-sucking interface.

I’ll spare you the sequelae — a chain of emails, in which Article Bunny wrote, “You agreed to our abusive TOS, so nyah, nyah, nyah.”

Below is a screenshot of my “Welcome (Not)” screen that I accessed today.

My Two Cents About Article Bunny

Content platforms seem to be lighthouses shining promises of security and fortune for every damned ship, dinghy and tugboat that wanders their way.

Article Bunny is not a lighthouse. It’s a giant middle finger wrapped in reflective tape.

I dialogued privately with an Article Bunny success story “Writer X” and this person is very particular about the work s/he accepts. X had many complaints about the system but had managed to get a few jobs and had been very choosy.

Keep in mind that Writer X is own Article Bunny for a little bit of side income.

For all-the-time freelancers, this bunny blows.