Random tips from a Female entrepreneur

Today I decided to start writing to share my story, in hope to inspire others. Be aware that I am really crap at writing and writing an article by myself is probably my weakest point that I can think off and a big fear. However I think that it can help some people so I will just try and see how we go.

I am Caroline, French, 32yo, Mum of Sofia (2months old), married to a beautiful French Man (that I met on Oxford street in sydney hahah). I am IKO Kite Surf Instructor, I am a serial entrepreneur (I already failed few times ) at some point I may learn from my mistakes and be successful! Let’s see how we go this time! I love life, love travelling, love adventures, extreme sports and love chocolate.

Today I am thinking to share a bit about my fears.

For many years I was thinking that I was looking too young to have a proper job, (what’s proper not sure!), but I was thinking that people will not take me seriously. And you know what for some people like me, they look very young for many years and that’s not really helpful. At the same time I don’t really like to dress up, I don’t really like shopping (I find it too difficult to find something that I like and I always don’t want to spend too much money on clothes). I get a lot of my clothes given by my girlfriends or go to second hand shop (the one in Balgowlah has some beautiful dress for super cheap). Anyways at some point you have to decide that you look the way you look, you can change your clothes and you can change the colour of your hair but there is few things with your body that you just need to accept because it’s just like this. I can tell you that I gave birth 2 months ago and I am not happy with my belly and big bottom even more when I couldn’t exercice until now because of the Emergency C section that I had to have because baby was not going out properly. But you know what F* all that even the most beautiful people are not happy with their body! What you need to know is everyone is Special, no one thinks or like the same things as you! You are born with your own unique gift, and you are better off using it than complaining about what’s not great about you. Look at very rich people or beautiful people, do you really think that they are really happy about everything? I bet not, they may just not focus on their weaknesses, and you should do the same! You have a lot of strengths so it’s your time to use them and create some amazing things / start a great startup!

Just try your best with what you have and that’s good enough!

One think that I wanted to share and that can resonate with some of you is something that I learned when I did some personal development classes. I was thinking growing up that I cried a lot because I was a very emotional person. I also blamed my dad for that for many years because I was thinking it was his fault. One day during a class the “trainer” shared that some people cry to control the situation, I didn’t understand what she meant. She explained that when you cry you control the other person, because they start feeling bad and they will stop speaking. They will stop (what you think is blaming you) but maybe they were just trying to help. By doing that, you never resolved some issue, you never have the conversation that you need to have… I was a bit shocked and wondering if it was true. I did a lot research and read a lot of book to be less susceptible before this class and it never really work so I was wondering I that could be the reason. The next time I start crying, I asked myself if I was trying to manipulate the situation in some way, and it was right. It took a while but now I cry much less. I still cry more than many people but its a was as well to release my stress! Everyone has different technique, I can cry for 10 min and then feel much better and start doing something else! As a kid/ teen I was upset with my dad because he was not really present in my life but I realise growing up that he had me and my brother when he was really young and he was working hard to offer us a nice life. It’s very difficult to find the right balance between work and your family and you know what you will always have people that will tell you that you are doing the wrong thing but not everyone will ever like you! Let’s speak about that in the next article!

Sorry it’s a random story but maybe that can help some people!

I was thinking that I should write stories when I will be successful, but let’s face it, it may never happen so let’s try now! Also success is very different for everyone! But let’s speak about that another day!

Have a great day everyone and let me know if you have any story to share, any comments or suggestion?