What would really engage your employees at work? (Part 4)

Routine and discipline are two powerful elements required for success. As leaders, we can have a positive impact on employee engagement by supporting them define and stick to personal routines — nurturing self-discipline, giving them ownership of their day to day and long-term performance.

Belief n°4: Make it a routine

Do you use routines to get things done? What drives you to stick to them?

The right system and, importantly, the source of motivation is different for each of us, and very personal. During face-to-face workshops, and through the app, iNNERSHiP guides employees through their professional challenges. Encouraging the definition of an effective, structured and personalized routine.

Workshops set the pace. Discovering iNNERSHiP, it’s often the first time employees are offered a space to ‘take the lead on their career’. Continuing their journey within the iNNERSHiP app, employees will identify professional challenges such as ‘develop my leadership skills’, ‘reduce my stress at work’ or, ‘drive innovation’. These complex projects are broken down into steps, series, and questions. Easy, focused and structured, throughout the day. Routine number 1: answer 5 questions a day. Answering questions lead to action, and action is progress.

Motivation and drive can be difficult to harness and identify. To support employees developing these skills and habits, companies can decide to add incentives at each step of employees’ journey. Employees are also encouraged to involve ‘companions’ in their projects, adding a constructive, personal dimension. Support from those we trust and care for drives our own engagement and commitment to our goals. Employees are fueled by their deliberate choices. The iNNERSHiP experience is about helping them develop their willpower, but importantly fortitude, to accomplish their potential. Focusing their mind and energy on goals set for themselves, by themselves.

Who said routine and discipline couldn’t support engagement in a new and innovative way?


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