7 Quick Mouthwatering Snack Recipes

Do you know when you come home hungry and don’t want to waste time preparing something long, or when those visits come by surprise and you don’t have anything ready to serve?

These situations can cause a lot of headaches, but don’t worry. With this list of quick snack recipes, you’ll be ready to prepare the best delicacies without wasting time!

The suggestion of this recipe is to fill two slices of wholegrain bread with ham, tomato, lettuce and chili pepper. With a short list of ingredients and a very practical step by step, it is possible to get a tasty snack.

This is a recipe in which the bread is stuffed with turkey breast, ricotta, lettuce, tomato and oregano. The ingredients used are simple, but this is a tasty combination and very simple to make at home.

Egg bread is a classic, this version is enhanced and even fun to make. The cheese and ham make it a snack that will satisfy any hunger!

How about preparing a very creamy filling for that everyday French bread? Here, you’ll just need mozzarella, ham, curd and oregano. The cool thing is that you just have to mix these ingredients and then fill your bread!

A nutritious sandwich doesn’t have to be a lot of work to make, you know? Here, the filling is on account of a chicken cooked in pieces, lettuce, tomato and mustard sauce.

This is a recipe to avoid waste, as the main ingredient used in the filling is slices of roasted loin left over from lunch. Therefore, this is a great option for those who want to enjoy the leftovers from the last meal!

The last sandwich option on the list is a great choice for vegans, as it doesn’t use animal-derived ingredients. Here, tofu is combined with carrots, cucumbers, mayonnaise to taste and lemon juice.

If you are hungry now look at these menu options:

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