Yes, the national media is a privileged racket which defends the status quo
Owen Jones

There are so many stories out there everyday, tales of courage and humour in the face of adversity. The stories of people who say little but do a lot in their communities to improve them. The people who are suffering so much due to austerity and the system is failing them everywhere. But our papers and TV news programmes are full of “what Boris did” , “what Boris did now” and of course the never ending cycle of pin the label on the lefty.

I have gradually over the last 5 years weened myself away from watching TV news and even reading the papers in favour of some excellent online media such as Medium where I can learn from those to whom the right of reply has either been denied or pointedly delayed so as to be of no use whatsoever when it does come if it comes at all.

What I am searching for is balance and facts so I can make up my own mind but that skill seems to be all but lost in most of the old media. So like me many people are turning away from the BBC and the establishment in favour of online news from independent and not so independent, but up front about it news sites.

I think that for the very reason you give Owen those who have meandered their way to the top via bank of mum and dad have never talked to a working class parent who cannot afford the dressings her child with chronic psoriasis needs that are no longer on the local CCG’s approved medications list so cannot be bought on prescription. Who is also being harassed by the child's school for keeping them at home.

Where are the news stories about all of the horrendous planning decisions at local and national level that directly effect peoples lives in a disastrous way? To me this is a current news story that can be built on and extended because it is news that is ongoing on in all parts of the country. It seems to me the only news stories the MSM like are the ones they manufacture against people who as you say rock their status quo.

Lets face it Owen without Jeremy Corbyn’s extensive and invigorating media reforms or a revolution we will still be bemoaning the old boys club network in 2028.