How Refugees and Immigrants are Created By The First World

It is very strange to read comments about refugees that reference them as people who are ruining the first world.

If you’ve read the news lately and made it to the comments section you’ll notice it’s plagued by hateful comments towards refugees. What I find even more appalling is that the majority of the people who despise immigrants and refugees don’t know that they’ve been living off of them, ruining their country and turning them into immigrants and refugees

My country is known for exporting millions of immigrants that walk illegally into the United States, so I am well aware of the treatment and hatred that exists towards them. I myself am not an immigrant or refugee (yet), although every day I realize that it might not be long until I’ll be forced to flee my home.

My country was not always so thick with deadly violence and poverty stricken nightmares. Violence was actually something rare.

Way back before 1992 before the Mexican president Carlos Salina de Gortari signed the NAFTA treaty, my country had poverty and it had immigrants leaving but nothing compared to how it became after that unfair treaty.

Of course the corrupted Mexican president received a big bribe for that (I am assuming), but it was that treaty that sealed Mexico’s fate as being forever a third world country. We couldn’t compete with the foreign markets of the United States and Canada, and foreign products started filling the shelves of supermarkets and department stores.

Millions of people had to close their businesses because we couldn’t compete with the capitalistic powers of the north.

Mexicans then became slaves to foreign corporations that came here to pollute our water, air and land. Paying low wages and destroying the local economies, we became dependent on them and willing to give them anything to stay. Before the treaty, we had many small business owners, and our money went a long way. Mexican pesos were 3 pesos for 1 dollar, now it’s 17 pesos for 1 dollar.

The U.S. and Canadian economies are strong and powerful because they take advantage of the third world. They squeeze their natural resources, create cheap hand labor and leave a trail of destruction behind. That’s how those countries take home our bacon, leaving us with nearly nothing for ourselves.

The same goes for most third world countries.

How do you think the European first world survives? Thanks to their natural resources? Oh yes! Because France, Belgium, Holland, England, and all the rest have LOTS of natural resources right? Come on!

The European first world has been exploiting African countries for centuries, and present times are not the exception. If anything, it is in present times when their greed has surpassed their own humanity, turning them into greed driven demons.

Lets take Botswana as an example. A rich country with a lot of natural resources, diamonds being their main wealth. De Beers, the diamond company, desperately wanted a large piece of land where the tribe called the San lived and where they had lived for thousands of years.

With the power that De Beers held in that country, it pressured the government into kicking the San people out of their land. They tortured, murdered, raped and took hostages of the people until they left.

They mined it and completely destroyed it.

Do you remember the Rwanda genocide? Where one million people lost their lives and 2 million people became refugees? Well… it was caused by France.


They did what they know best; create a bloody and terrible war and then take the side of the group that would benefit them. They divided the Hutus from the Tutsis and made them fight each other, giving the Hutus weapons and support. The Tutsis opposed selling their country while the Hutus didn’t care as long as it made a profit.

When the genocide exploded, the U.N. left the country and allowed the two groups to kill themselves. That way the U.N. wouldn’t have to do the dirty work and they could blame the murder on the Hutus, leaving them with clean hands for the world to believe.

When the war was over the U.N. went in to clean up the mess and give their “price” to France, but what exactly did France want? I don’t know, but there is no doubt that France caused that genocide, and it’s been widely reported by several news outlets.

That is how the first world can afford to live like the first world, especially when they either have no natural resources of their own or they are about to run out of them. They invade, kill and torture the third world.

But when the third world gets tired of living in such terrible circumstances and wish to migrate to the first world to live off their own land that has been imported into the first world they are received with hostility and criticism. Because they have no right.

So they have no right to move to the country that is being bankrolled by theirs?

Would you stay and live in your home if it’s been destroyed? If it is extremely dangerous? No, right! then what makes you think they should.

Source: Via: theglobeandmail

Those who oppose immigration and refugees keep defending their position by saying people should stay in their country and fix it. How about those people fix their own country so the first world doesn’t have to live from the third world and we could all just live happily in the place where we were born.

I’m probably going to get ahead of myself here. But I am pretty sure France, the U.K., the U.S. and other first world countries are gonna bomb the dust out of Syria, and they’ll get rid of people who don’t wish to sell their oil and natural gas. Once they have access to that, people in France, the U.K. and U.S. are gonna have cheap gasoline for their cars. They’ll hate the refugees that will come into their countries but they’ll forget that those refugees had to pay with their homes and the lives of their family members so that people in the first world can have cheap gas and money to buy stuff that is made in sweat shops in the third world.