Is People Pleasing Hurting Your Business?

Ms. People Pleaser seeps in every now and then.

You know what I’m talking about.😒

Someone asks you to run an errand or attend an event or sign up for a course that you Really. Don’t. Want. To. Do. But something inside of you worries you’ll disappoint them if you don’t do it so you do it anyway.

Funny, you worry about disappointing them so you disappoint yourself instead.

You go out of your way to make someone else’s life easier and, yet, you’re the one who gets the crappy end of the stick.


I used to be a big time people pleaser. My family was built on people pleasing so I know where it stems from.

My parents didn’t want us to appear a certain way so we had to dress up for family events (when no one else did)

volunteer at church because “we were expected to” (attend church because we were “expected to”)

and go on to certain universities because that’s what my parents “expected us to do.”

It screwed me up as an adult when I stayed in a crappy relationship too long because I thought it was what everyone “expected me to do”

apply for and take on jobs for big corporations because that’s “what was expected of me”

and behave a certain way in my jobs and life because, otherwise, someone would be “disappointed in me”.

Sound familiar?

Isn’t it EXHAUSTING to live your life on someone else’s terms??

Isn’t it time to love and accept the life you WANT to live and how to live it??

Why do things you don’t want to do when you get absolutely NO pleasure or benefit from it??

Where did these expectations come from, anyway? Who created them and what are they doing for you?

Now, as you work for yourself — as you have created something that is ALL yours, you’re STILL adhering to someone else’s rules.


How will taking on clients who exhaust you only because you feel they “need you” and “expect you” to work with them HELP you? And how is it truly helping your business?

How is accepting lower income because someone tells you they “can’t afford you but want to work with you” help you?

How is creating services that totally aren’t VIBING with who you are helping you? And your success?

Because success isn’t a tangible thing.

Success is a FEELING.

And if you’re not feeling good about it. If you’re doing things in your business and in your LIFE that just make you feel like crap (but apparently make others feel good), you’re doing NO ONE any favours.

People pleasing is a condition many of us have had or do have.

Like I said, it still comes in my life sometimes. I still agree to things that I truly don’t want to do (and aren’t necessary for me to even say yes to! Just me feeling “bad” if I don’t!)

BUT, it’s awareness of it and seeing it as a detriment to your success not helpful as sometimes you might feel, that helps diminish that pull and unnecessary obligation.

Would you say you’re a people pleaser?

What’s one thing you can do today to transition away from it?