We’re all born to be original.

I mean, by mere physical appearances that’s easy to see. Even twins have things like birth-marks to set themselves apart. You and I both know that our souls, our personalities, are just as different.

Yet, many times and for many of us, it’s not easy to step away and SHINE!

If it was, we wouldn’t see the same cookie-cutter services and content splashed across social media, in blogs, and in commercials every single day.

How many blog posts share the same steps to getting engagement on Facebook? Or the same purse to wear this spring?

For original beings, we sure do get caught up in conforming.

I guess it’s our nature. I’m sure there’s some scientific article (or thousands, because that’s human nature for you) that shares some sort of data to support WHY we need to follow each other’s lead.

But, if you just sat silent and listened to your own voice for a minute every day, you would hear your own opinions and ideas.

And you might just decide you like them.

And then you might just decide to share them.

And create your business and marketing around them.

I’m not sharing this because I’m such a perfect non-conformist. Ha! Not even close. But I DID open my eyes and see a correlation between my lack of satisfaction and personal success and my lack of originality.

I can get so caught up in what other people are posting and lose sight of my own ideas sometimes. Just like many of you.

Here’s the thing, though. It’s normal so let’s be easy on ourselves; recognize when it’s happening, and then steer the other way.

It’s when you steer that other way that magic happens.

I steered the other way last summer.

For years, I grew a business that was cookie cutter. It looked just like many other social media management businesses out there. For years I hid my voice and ideas.

Then, in the winter of 2016 when I was stuck in bed with mastitis and cellulitis and IV antibiotics running through my veins I realized how utterly BORING I was. And how utterly bored I was as an entrepreneur.

😲I was SO bored I wasn’t marketing.

😲I was SO bored I wasn’t creating anything.

😲I was SO bored I was doing the bare minimum with my long-term retainer clients.

Originality, creativity, showing up and feeling incredible in my business was…not really happening.

That realization, or revelation, of how unoriginal, bored, and unhappy I was became the catalyst to stepping back into my own value and SELF aka originality — the 2008 self that worked so hard and dreamt to launch a business in the first place!

This brought my to launch my coaching and business strategy program. A “Caroline original” because I’m doing what I had envisioned years ago using processes that are all me. And, now, my clients get original results!

Originality is what you do with it and how you think and share and grow.

It’s too easy to get caught up with what everyone else is doing. And, yet, it’s not hard to show up as YOURSELF in your business and in your marketing.

What would you rather do? Sometimes, all it takes is a revelation like I had to shine the light on what you truly want to do and share. But you have to be prepared for it.

Are you prepared for a revelation in your business?