Life Is Not Like Instagram: Damn you, Cupid
Dave Cornthwaite

I haven’t responded to a blog before, forgive me if it is not called that but this really moved me to put my thoughts out there. There are so many single good, single girl memoirs published, I know from reading many and writing one myself ( well nearly finished) that the female point of view often contains a victim tone. It is easy for women to simplify or belittle the non committed male. Riduculing his need to roam, his desire to love or lust after another or simply have alone time and perceiving these in their sometimes partner as a type of fear and an eventual bolt from commitment. It might well be fear but it is a fear we all own, I believe. Expecting too much from one person whom you don’t know extremely well , no matter how good the sex or initial connection, is also an act of push back leading to less closeness. A man can not be all things to one woman, I have tried to transform men into my superman and it never works, darn it and if it does, he flies into the sunseet to rescue another. Dave I enjoyed hearing your about your struggle and desire to be loved deeply by another as I feel that is what we all want and the challenge it to align our behaviours with these needs, in or out of relationship. Thank you for sharing.

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