Our past projects look back on their growth & share their lessons learned!

In just under 17 months, PieShell has had 15 projects — all successful! — crowdfund on our platform. With asks big and small, they’ve turned those resources into monstrous growth, and learned some important lessons along the way.

Read on to catch up with some of our favorite PieShellers and see where they are now!

Austin’s Underdawgs, a crowd favorite, was one of our very first projects. A hot dog business run by Austin — who has Down syndrome — and his mom Jan, this project has heart.

With funds raised on PieShell, Austin and Jan were able to purchase…

Time is running out to apply for the Chobani Incubator!

If you don’t know already, yogurt guru Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani, started an incubator in 2016 to grow food startups that are reshaping our food system in a positive way.

Keep reading to find out if this is the right opportunity for your food startup!

Chobani Incubator’s philosophy is similar to our own: Small food startups can make a big difference. Hamdi Ulukaya is a Turkish immigrant who popularized Greek yogurt in the US and grew his company to $1 billion in annual sales.

Hamdi Ulukaya is passionate about helping food startups grow into name brands, without sacrificing their principles.

But, Ulukaya is as…

The perfect PieShell products for all the foodies in your life!

If you’re like us, your friends and family love to receive unique food products as gifts around the holidays… and you may have procrastinated a little bit this year. Well, lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect PieShell product for each and every foodie in your life this holiday.

Not Ketchup’s fruit-based sauces add flavor to every meal, and they’re perfect for Paleo, Whole30, low carb, sugar-free, diabetic, and ketogenic diets.

Blueberry White Pepper and Cherry Chipotle make great gifts!

PieSheller Beyond the Shoreline is creating plant-based snacks made from locally harvested ocean seaweed. Kelp grows quickly and sustainably, is…

CNNMoney & PieShell talk crowdfunding and changes in F+B

PieShell is proud to be part of the consumer-driven food movement. Online foodie culture has turned into something bigger. There’s unprecedented interest in creative, authentic and transparent food brands, and PieShell funnels that enthusiasm into real-world results.

Last week PieShell Founder Cheryl Clements spoke with CNNMoney’s Maggie Lake about why people are calling food the “new tech,” and why food startups need a niche crowdfunding platform. Watch the video now!

Did you know our first four projects raised $61,000? Watch this video to learn more about PieShell!

Food is the new frontier for venture capitalists, but there’s still a substantial…

Something big is happening in the food industry. Campbell’s Soup CEO Denise Morrison called it a “seismic shift,” in which consumer preferences are fueling the growth of microbrands in the food and beverage space.

Over the last five years, the top 25 food and beverage companies have lost $18 billion in market share, and food has become the new frontier for venture capitalists. But, there’s still a substantial gap in funding opportunities for early stage food startups that are the ones driving growth in the industry.

Consumers are increasingly looking to niche food brands that reflect their values, whether it’s…

Marketing. It’s more than just social media :-)

We work with lots of entrepreneurs. A common mistake among first timers is the belief that marketing simply amounts to increasing the number of times you post on Instagram or Twitter.

It’s important to understand what marketing actually is, and build a marketing plan around concrete business goals that can be measured. In this blog, we’ll take you from the basics to the nitty-gritty of building a full blown marketing plan that will actually increase your sales and hold you accountable.

Each marketing plan starts with an overall vision statement illustrating where you’re at business-wise, and where you want to…

And How Does it Apply to Food + Beverage?

PieShell friend David Postolski has a unique niche: he’s an intellectual property (IP) lawyer for food + beverage. He works with companies from the FOOD-X accelerator, as well as companies coming out of the International Culinary Center.

Most of the time we talk about intellectual property in terms of literary works or engineering feats, but it’s really important for foodpreneurs to become more savvy about IP.

So here we go — David’s going to give us a quick crash course in IP, as it applies to the wonderful world of food + beverage.

In a nutshell, intellectual property rights are…

a.k.a: the heart & soul of PieShell

We’ve been doing A LOT of events and podcasts about food tech lately. We’re a technology platform, so it’s fitting. But, while tech is central to what we do, people are the real core of our company and our community.

With that in mind, we felt it necessary to show some love to our super-backers — three fantastic foodpreneurs who’ve contributed over and over again to help others reach their business goals. Yes, we already have super-backers!

Our super-backers are Erika, Mike, and Aaron.

Erika, you may remember, was one of PieShell’s inaugural projects and raised $15,000 for her company…

PieShellers share their secrets to making a successful pitch

Whether you love it or hate it, pitching is part of the startup game.

PieShell recently sponsored two pitch competitions, FoodBytes in New York City and Food Funded in San Francisco. Each event featured outstanding foodpreneurs pitching their hearts out to investors, including a handful of PieShellers.

With some help from those who participated in these two events, we’ve concocted some helpful guidelines for crafting and delivering the perfect pitch!

Tell a Story

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to grab the audience’s attention right off the bat. …

One of the most important components of marketing is storytelling. This is especially true in the food and beverage industry, where the hunger for food with a story is growing each and every day.

Most foodpreneurs have amazing brand stories full of passion and purpose, but they don’t always tell them in the most compelling way. Keep reading to learn the basics of creating a phenomenal brand story.

Before we delve into the details of creating a great brand story, let’s talk about a few “musts” common to every successful brand story:

  1. A great brand story is succinct. Simple stories…

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