You Need Talent to be Top 1%
Michael L. F. Slavin

I don’t believe on that. I believe talent is more nurture than anything. Most people do these stuff since they are young kids. So it’s fairly easy to say “Wow. They are talented!” Yes, practising since you are 5 is going to achieve there. I challenge if they started late after 18 or 20. Some people will always believe on that “naturally gifted” that I don’t (there are very rare ones).

I believe that I don’t have any natural gifted talent but the problem is during my childhood and teen years I was undermined by my parents. I wanted to draw, they were throwed away. I wanted to play any instrument and listened a big “No!”. After an adult decided to become a musician but it’s hard after an adult (no support of anyone). Oddly enough I was told I was out of pitch but in very short time I was told my ear listening was fair good after studying a bit about music theory and training my ear.

What can you say about it? I see most of those who achieve there are surrounded and practice since little kids. No miracle or anything like that. Talent is overrated to tell other people they are mediocre who should have dumb 9–5 jobs. I don’t care anymore, prefer keep going. Specially seeing talentless auto tune ones being sucessful.