The Ephemeral Life of a Cup of Tea

It’s a chilly February afternoon. A college student with a terrible head cold makes the decision to purchase a cup of tea before class. The decision doesn’t seem to posit high stakes. Worst that could go wrong is she walks in a minute or two late for class. Right? Wrong. The story that unfolds is gripping and heartbreaking. In a brief ten images, “The Ephemeral Life of a Cup of Tea” captures the uselessness of Starbucks spill blockers, the importance of using the restroom prior to purchasing a beverage of any kind, and most of all the fleeting nature of life when you’re a cup of Wild Sweet Orange Tazo Tea. Life is short enough as is, tea drinkers. Let’s do our best not to make it any shorter.

The student faces the tough decision of which tea to purchase. She opts for “Wild Sweet Orange Tazo Tea.”
The student makes sure to put a spill stopper in the opening of her tea; she wouldn’t want to splash any on herself when she’s rushing to class, of course.
The student begins to walk to class holding her newly purchased tea. No spills — so far so good!
The student realizes she’s not as late as she thought she would be and decides to use the restroom before class. Guess her tea is coming with her…
Luckily there’s a counter of sorts in the restroom. The student places her backpack and tea on the counter, but still in a bit of a hurry, she pays little attention to the precarious position of her tea cup.
GASP! An brash effort to pick her backpack back up marks the time of death for the student’s cup of tea.
She knows she can’t just up and leave the scene of the crime, so she quickly gets to cleaning up the evidence.
Student discovers university bathroom paper towels are not as absorbant as the Bounty brand she purchases at home.
It takes several rounds of towels to leave the bathroom floor in a condition that is not a safety hazard.
The student is now officially late for class with no tea and wet shoes. RIP, cup of tea. Gone but not forgotton.
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