I got early at Andela Campus.Eager to know what the day had in store for me.We were learning about GitHub. Specifically Git. The main online platform for Andela is GitHub. This is where people interact, share code and work on projects together among other many uses.

It was my first time getting to know about git so at first i was having a hard time with the commands, trying to figure out what they do and staff. I also feel like the trainers did not start by giving us a general overview of what git was about. But maybe should have asked ☺. The good about them is that when you actually ask, and admit you don’t know something, they actually go out of their way to help and make sure that they don’t leave anyone behind.

Anyway I got some help from my sit mate Carine and finally i got the hang of git. I like how challenged I am by this whole boot camp. The girl know their staff. I feel like I am in a room full of smart people and I can ask anything get answers. Being at Andela boot camp is definitely a dream for every aspiring programmer.

Am so ready for day 3!!!