We had a large number of engineering vacancies to fill. Our vacancies were growing faster than we were able to fill them. We were finding hiring hard, time consuming and dispiriting. We’d heard from the people we’d hired that they’d found it difficult to be hired by us. We looked into the process and improved it.

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Result: the changes were very successful and we are now in a much happier place.

(Context: this work was done within the Customer Products group at the Financial Times. Our group primarily looks after ft.com and the FT web apps)

Our Problems

We had engineers moving to other teams (which we encourage) plus one or two people leaving us. We’re happy with a low staff turnover rate, it’s normal and keeps new ideas coming in. No one wants to work with unmotivated, unhappy colleagues! In fact, compared to the industry average, many people stay at the FT longer than at other companies. It’s a genuinely a really nice place to work…


Caroline Handley

Principal Engineer at The Financial Times

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