• Luke Tudor Griffiths

    Luke Tudor Griffiths

    Lead Designer @ Financial Times. Also: Accent Magazine and LoveFit Festival

  • Grant Heinrich

    Grant Heinrich

    High culture. Low humour. Bots at the BBC. Writing Crowdfunders At Work (Apress). Previously manager Max Cooper + Tim Exile.

  • Piergiorgio Niero

    Piergiorgio Niero

    @pigiuz on Twitter β€” Dad at home β€” Head of Engineering at SuperAwesome β€” views are my own

  • Pavel Rodionov

    Pavel Rodionov

    Senior Applications Architect @ScaleFactor, former CTO and co-founder @Bench

  • Umberto Babini

    Umberto Babini

    Full Stack Developer at Financial Times

  • Christine Ng

    Christine Ng

    Talent person @FinancialTimes | talks about: Tech, Talent, Startups, HK/China | She/her πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Prefers to be Zen

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