3 Tips For Being An Effective Social Media Manager

Social Media Managing #BufferChat

Being a social media manager can be challenging. How does one effectively prioritize projects, create good content and keep viewers engaged? Thankfully, #BufferChat helped me find solutions to all of the above during their live twitter chat.

3 tips for being an effective social media manager:
1. Organize
2. Prioritize
3. Develop social media strategies

Organize: Make sure you organize all of your tasks and projects. #BufferChat taught me about an application called Evernote. Evernote allows you to organize your tasks and projects on a to-do list. It also serves as a great note taking application for the many ideas your creative mind thinks about during the day. Another great source for organization is Buffer. Buffer allows you to schedule posts weeks in advance and then they post them for you. Scheduling posts through Buffer frees up more of your time and takes the hassle of posting content every few hours off of your plate. Buffer keeps your social media scheduling organized.

Prioritize: Put all of your tasks and projects into a calendar. To-do lists help you get a visual of the things you need to complete, while calendars give you dates to complete them. Schedule all of your biggest tasks and projects earlier in your day or week. Tackle your biggest projects and tasks first thing in the morning when your brain is most effective.

Develop social media strategy: Developing a social media strategy will allow you to be effective in the content your produce. By knowing your audience and staying up to date on the latest trends, you will be able to engage multiple viewers. The best advice I received on developing strategies from #BufferChat was from @iamjamilawalker: “Knowing your audience, listening to them on social media. Understanding where my audiences are on the different platforms and trends.” Understanding who you are creating content for will help you not only produce good content, but develop effective social media strategies.

Now you are three tips ahead than you were before this post. While social media managing can be challenging, don’t forget to have fun with it! Do your research and stay up to date with the social world. Be creative and effective. Organize, prioritize and develop social media strategies. Happy managing :)

PS. I highly recommend participating in a live social chat on twitter. It is a great place to connect with other social media marketers/managers across the world while sharing ideas and tips.