Here’s why it’s not sexist to criticize Melania Trump for running to a disaster zone in heels
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‘m not in support of the Trump Presidency, however I think these past attacks on Melania Trump over her goddamn shoes she wore walking to Air Force One to go to Houston is really fucking sexist.

She’s Melania Trump. What? She’s not going to wear black leather stilettos walking to Air Force One? Melania Trump not wearing Stilettos? When? When has she not been in Stilettos? The woman is always in stilettos!

The recent attacks on her are taking her choice of clothing and using that to attack her character. How many times had Michelle Obama wear head to toe Dior to 3rd world countries? Why does that matter? It shouldn’t matter what they are wearing, however inappropriate you may personally feel it is for the situation. It should only matter what they are doing.

Like JK Rowling said, “I don’t care who you talk about, Hillary Clinton, Theresa May, Kate Hooey or Yvette Cooper, femaleness is not a design flaw. If every time a woman displeases you, you call her a synonym associated with her vulva then you’re not a liberal.” Not exactly referring to shoes, but you get the idea.

The fact that individuals on the left are attacking Melania Trump for wearing common female attire is a blemish on their party.

I wear stilettos all the time. I would not appreciate it if someone diminished my accomplishments or acts of goodwill because of my shoes.

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