Big adventures…for our little people

My little people

“I want to watch the TV”. These are the first words that leave my four-year-old daughter’s mouth when she wakes up in the morning (every. single. day). I must admit that this monster was created by me, often using the screen to be a babysitter while I put a wash on or started the dinner. And let’s face it, sometimes you just want a bit of peace and quiet, so on came Frozen for the third time in a week while mummy had a cup of tea. As I take responsibility for her television obsession (or Sofia the 1st to be precise), my mission is to slowly trigger a change in this little person’s mindset as she embarks on her own big adventures.

Confident that I’m not alone in my ‘screen time guilt’, I created Kid-Activate Surrey to promote the variety of activities available in and around the county of Surrey. As we get out and about in our local area, I’ll be posting details of classes we take, places we visit and events we go to. Surrey is home to some beautiful green spaces and some of our favourites include Box Hill, Hatchlands Park National Trust and RHS Wisley Gardens. It also offers an abundance of activities for children, such as Little Street play centre, Bocketts Farm, swimming at the local leisure centre. The benefits of breathing in fresh air and using imaginative play far outweigh the alternative: stationary sitting with eyes glued to a screen.

Keeping my preschooler away from the TV while we’re at home is proving to be most challenging to my mission. After all, when we venture outside she just wants to have fun and forgets all about that episode of PJ Masks (seriously, how do these kids become heroes at night and go to school in the day?) But when it’s right there in front of her, distraction has to be the key. So I’ll also be coming up with ideas to occupy little minds, getting creative with baking, arts and crafts, and music.

Don’t get me wrong, the TV will continue to play a role in our house because it’s often a necessity to maintain my sanity. But with so much to do on our doorstep, I’m hopeful (and crossing my fingers) that my daughter’s words will one day soon be “where are we going today”.

So if you’re keen to get your children outside and away from the square box, or you’d like some activities to do at home, then check out Kid-Activate Surrey on social: