Writing Lead Practice

BOE Meeting

Assistant superintendent Max Hoemmeldorfer of the Hattiesburg Board of Education reported that this is their third year in a row losing attendance, dropping atleast 200 students per year.

Who: Max Hommeldorfer

What: Reported loss of students

When: “This morning”

Where: N\A

Why: Board accepted report and then passed all new guidelines
How: In a meeting

Faculty in Plane Crash

A 45 person plane crashed taking off from Kennedy International Airport Thursday in which five were killed and two professors from Backwater State University escaped uninjured.

Who: 2 professors John Dumont & George Johnson

What: involved in a plane crash

When: Thursday

Where: Kennedy International Airport

Why: N\A

How: Plane failure?

Meeman Speaks

Pulitzer Prize winner Norman Meeman spoke to about 67 English students Sunday in the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library about how to become a better writer, stating that they need to “ get out and sample life.”

Who: Norman Meeman

What: Spoke to students

When: Sunday

Where: W.O.T.M. Library

Why: N\A wanted to inspire students?

How: N\A got asked?

Professor Wins Award

The Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge announced its annual George Washington Honor Medal winners last week, and among the 32 winners was horticulture professor Clement Crabtree for his essay “Plan for Peace.”

Who: F.F.V.F. ,one winner is Clement Crabtree

What: announced its annual winners

When: Last week

Where: In pennsylvania

Why: Had to know who winners are

How: Held ceremony

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