Advertisement: Taylor Vs Treadmill

  1. What visual effects are used to define location? In this add you can tell that Taylor is in a home gym and on a treadmill because of the workout equipment around her.
  2. What sound effects are used to define action? You can hear Taylor running on the treadmill because of the loud footsteps and breathing. You can also hear the music coming through the headphones.
  3. What type of format is used? I think that a blend of a testimonial and parody format is used in this commercail.
  4. Write a brief synopsis of the ad (three or four sentences at most). This commercial features Taylor Swift running on a treadmill listening to music. She is jamming out to Apple Music. Taylor loosed her balance and falls face first onto the treadmill, and pops right back up.
  5. What is the target market of the ad? Millennial is the target market. Also anyone who listens to music in general
  6. What benefits are offered by the ad? This ad shows the benefits of unlimited Apple Music and how it is “distractingly good”.
  7. Is there a call to action in the ad? There is a call to action at the end of the ad. It reads “Apple Music Try it free, cancel anytime.” And proceeds to have apples website and other information.