Nosediving into Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a Netflix series released to pose a reflection on society now or how Charlie Brooker, the show’s story writer, saw the future. Episode on of series three was easily one of the most satirical but impactful episodes I watched. Lacie Pound lives in a society that is addicted to their star ratings on social media. Citizens post things online for the pure satisfaction of others seeing it and approving of them. Pound continues to try and make her ratings better but continuously feels unsatisfied and alone.

The episode highlights how obsessed with being seen society has become. Although it is an extreme version it is not far off from what society could become. As technology advances it tends to cross ethical boundaries that the public has yet to realize are boundaries.

“Nosedive” is an episode that makes its watchers self reflective, showing that the captivation with being coveted is more important than personal relationships. Lacie Pound realizes by the end of the show that her lack of true human connection is more detrimental than a poor social score that seemed so important at one point. Charlie Brooker created a satirical show but also something that hits close to home and not entirely false.