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Ever since Maria Kondo exploded into the American consciousness, minimalism has been a keyword in fields from business to parenting. I’ve heard people prescribe a minimalist lifestyle as a cure for everything from depression to obesity.

My initial reaction?

I’ve been skeptical.

I’m all for sparking joy. However, I also enjoy owning more than seven articles of clothing and I don’t want my kitchen towel to double as a bathmat.

However, I become curious enough about minimalist practices to indulge in some light reading on the topic. I decided on the minimalist manifesto, ‘Goodbye Things’.

I’m not sure that I’m…

Science-backed tips to incorporate a meaningful contemplation practice in minimal time

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I avoided meditation for years because I thought it sounded:

  1. Time-Consuming
  2. Complicated
  3. Over-Whelming

As a hobby novelist with a full-time teaching job and several dedicated extracurricular pursuits, activities that check those three boxes do not often enter into my schedule. But during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, I realized I needed to learn strategies to focus my thinking and calm my mind.

After years of skepticism, meditation finally entered the picture. To my delight, I quickly realized I was able to pursue a meaningful meditation practice in only a few minutes a day.

Here are five easy, efficient ways to…

#1: How to manage procrastination

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As an American ex-pat living in Spain, I found myself thrust into a lockdown quarantine during the early days of the COVID pandemic. At the onset, I thought it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

Some typical thoughts as the pandemic swept through my adopted country:

I’ll start my workout routine indoors. You can’t get too depressed if you keep exercising.

This cozy little corner (ahem…of the couch) would be perfect for my writing. I bet I’ll have more time to work on my book!

Maybe I’ll learn how to make biscotti?

But no matter how hard I tried to keep…

Don’t let all those good intentions slip away

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It’s doubtful that Julius Cesar fully recognized the impact of the practice he was establishing when he set the month of January as the beginning of the calendar year in 46 B.C.

According to a 2020 article on, the ancient Romans viewed the opportunity to start over with fresh intentions in a new year as a semi-religious undertaking.

Named for Janus, the two-faced god whose spirit inhabited doorways and arches, January had special significance for the Romans. Believing that Janus symbolically looked backwards into the previous year and ahead into the future, the Romans offered sacrifices to the deity…

Each can be incorporated into your routine in five minutes or less

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I was in my early twenties when I first learned how to properly sweep a floor.

I was living in Oregon, working for a venture known in the local vernacular as ‘Outdoor School’. The basic concept involved taking large groups of public school children and housing them in the woods for one week each year in the hopes that they would learn about science, citizenship and nature.

There were lots of enjoyable things about my job. I learned how to design lesson plans and teach pre-teens about ecology. I supervised campfires and singalongs. …

Wise words on success, truth and courage

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Born as Samuel Langhorne Clemens in Missouri in 1865, Mark Twain began writing in his late 20’s after years as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River (according to, his pen name is steamboat slang for twelve feet of water — the river depth at which a steam craft can safely navigate).

He started his career in newspaper rooms and quickly moved on to writing fiction. His satirical style and thoughtful eye for detail earned him recognition in his craft from his first days in the profession.

By his mid-thirties, with the publication of his novel ‘The Innocents Abroad’…

Read the guidelines below if you’re interested in becoming a writer for Impact365

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“Impact 365” is a publication focused on the impact you can make with a single moment, a single story, and a single life.

If you feel like you have influential writing to share, read the guidelines below and consider applying to become a writer.

We’ll cover grammar, formatting, what topics we’re looking for, what we’re rejecting at The Innovation, and some frequently asked questions. Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

  1. Grammar
  2. Formatting
  3. What to Submit
  4. CTAs
  5. How to Submit
  6. How to Become a Writer

1. Grammar

At Impact365, we believe that your writing should have a unique and specific style. However, it’s important that your piece…

Use these five strategies to develop a purpose-driven mindset

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Ten years ago, I started each day by hitting the snooze button on my alarm. Twice, at a minimum.

I knew it wasn’t an ideal morning routine, but I was in graduate school, working part-time and commuting all over Manhattan from 7:30 AM until 11:00 PM each day.

So, between 6:45 AM and 7:15 AM, after the snooze button pried me away from my warm, neglected bed, I would rush to get dressed and throw together a breakfast I could eat on the 6 train as I headed downtown.

In 2012, once I finished school, I promised myself my mornings…

Take these simple actions from holiday to every day to reduce stress and boost happiness

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As an American living abroad, I make it home for Thanksgiving about half of the time.

When I’m in the USA, I celebrate Thanksgiving with a huge family gathering, complete with four turkeys and at least six kinds of stuffing. However, my career choices have moved me around a lot in the last fifteen years, and sometimes instead of celebrating with a multi-course lunch around a family table, I’m more likely to spend the day contemplating the rituals that make the holiday so special from afar.

The years when I can’t go home provide an important opportunity to reflect on…

No matter what the task.

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The crazy pace of life demands that our brains work in a wide variety of ways each day. For example, by 10 AM on any given Tuesday, you likely alternate your focus between organizing meals for yourself and your family, writing emails, and completing deep-thinking tasks like long-term work projects.

The good news? There’s an app for that.

Or at the very least, a YouTube video.

‘Binaural Beats’ is a form of sound wave therapy that makes use of the fact that your right and left ear can receive slightly different frequency tones. …

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