An Open Letter to The Uber Board and Investors
Mitch & Freada Kapor

As a management consultant who specializes in strengthening the relationship between employees and employers, I’m encouraged to see this message from an investor. In [too] many companies, aggressive, harassing and disturbing behavior is dismissed under the claim of “pressure to deliver shareholder value.” “Shareholder value” is used like a mantra, not to inspire employees to greatness, but to remind them that it’s profits over people no matter what. I wish more shareholders would speak up in a forum that employees could participate in (vs. closed door meetings) and communicate their interest in the company beyond dividends. Ultimately, shareholder value is delivered by the people doing the work, not by the handful of folks at the top talking about the work. It would be great if these two groups had a regular chance to get to know each other. Thank you for speaking out.

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