The Imposter Syndrome at a Coding Bootcamp

I think we’ve all suffered from this syndrome…


except for this guy…

The “It’s okay guys, I’m struggling too, but I somehow seem to understand everything in this module.”

You wanna be this guy…

but you’re this guy

That guy is literally on the LAST LAB while you’re feeling a little…..

a little slow………struggling on first few labs… :(

So now you’re motivated not to be the dumbest one in class and you’re crammin on your computer for 8+ hours per day. You’ve become one with your computer at this point…

you’ve forgotten that you’re human.

You come back the next day with a little fire in you; you feel a little better,

“I finally understand a little more about that one thing we went over yesterday!!! All I had to do was sacrificed my sleep, my social life, my sanity, and my soul!! No big deal bro!!

[30 minutes into the day]

“Hey guys! We’ve deployed more labs!”

“I know you guys are doing discussions right now, but don’t forget we have lecture in 10 minutes!!”

[10 minutes later]

You go into the lecture

I don’t understand a single thing.

[ “……I’m definitely the dumbest one here” ]

My friends…. If this has happened to you… you’ve just experienced

~the imposter syndrome~

Do you still feel that syndrome?

Well don’t!

It’s honestly not true!!