Five Things I realized Too Late

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

The last couple of months have been a haze of introspection, soul searching and redefinition.

It is in the willingness of nature to gift a life to anyone that seeks it. Nature likes to fight for life, and life defined in an effort to restructure to align with the current needs for survival.

All in all, there are struggles that hold us back from life, from progress. While some of them silently settle in our minds, others scream for attention- to be let out, to be killed.

But there are realizations that clear us of slippery thoughts, of fear, of anxiety. There are realizations I wish I had two years ago.

1. It doesn’t always fit.

It doesn’t.

Sometimes the edges are two inches thicker, so we trim them down only to end up with edges two inches thinner, and everything begins to sink through a straw into deep hollowness.

2. You gotta do.

Yes, Fuck inspiration, Fuck motivation.

3. The universe doesn’t care about what you ain’t doing today.

So you wore a creased shirt and missed a date with your crush?

So you stayed in bed all day worried about your lousy writing?

But it sure comes back to scoff at you three years down the line. You will be sitting at a corner in a cafe, alone and sad, wondering where the days disappeared to. Wondering why you used to dance so well, but can hardly move a foot today. You gotta work on it(whatever your it,is)every other today.

4. Do, to get better.


You damn right suck at it right now, but the goal is progress.

5. It is never too late?

Tomorrow is too late. How about today?