self tanning tips

my first tip is to shave. shave your legs, underarms etc. If I had to suggest a specific razor, it would be any razor that is not a cheap and disposable one. The one brand I would recommend is Gilette Venus.

This brand really is amazing but quite expensive to buy the blades refills when they run out
This is a much cheaper alternative and works like a dream.


This could possibly be one of the biggest tip that I could suggest. Getting rid of all the dead skin cells is essential, the Self-tanner sticks to the dead skin cells and make your body look scaly and gross. Exfoliating will also make your body look and feel allot softer.

You could either buy a Scrub or Exfoliating mitt. Or you could make your own scrub at home.

LUSH products are amazing.



  1. 1 CUP salt or sugar
  2. 1/2 CUP coconut oil
  3. 1 tsp Vodka ( optional)
  4. 2 tbsp filter coffee( optional)


  1. melt coconut oil in either microwave or on stove
  2. slowly mix in the salt/sugar ( not all at once)
  3. add filter coffee (optional)
  4. add vodka ( optional)
  5. keep in jar to store


After every bath or shower, moisturize using a a body butter or very thick lotion. Try to avoid using a watery lotion as this won’t do much help. Also moisturize before going to bed and when you wake up. The dryer the skin is once applying the Self-Tanner, the faster it will come off.

My two best suggestions for good body butters or lotions are the Lush lotions because they are unbelievably moisturizing without being too dense or oily. But as I have said before, Lush can be quite expensive so a cheaper alternative but still great quality is The Body Shop. The body shop has an amazingly wild range of butters and lotions that are exceptional.


My favorite brand is Caribbean Tan. They have a wide variety of tanning products such as shimmery tan lotion, scrub, mouse, spray and much more.

The shimmer lotion has an unbelievably smooth texture and the application is amazingly smooth as well as quick and easy, however this tanning product does not last much longer than a day or two, it is more for if you want to go to an event. The product will wash off after at least or two washes.

If you want a longer lasting tan then the Mousse or instant color spray is the better way to go.

The scrub is also unbelievably moisturizing and if I had to recommend another scrub it would be this scrub by Caribbean Tan.


Using a tanning mitt is always a good idea, thus will prevent any streaks or patches. You can get a tanning mitt from any cosmetic or drug store.

My final tip is to moisturize every day once the tan is on.

A lot of people have judged me for wearing self-tanner because they think that it is fake and that I am not showing my natural beauty, but the truth is, I wear self-tanner because I am very pale and I feel more confident when I am tanned. I have nothing against pale skin, I just prefer myself with a tan.

yours sincerely



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