Carol Shetler
Jun 6 · 1 min read

As I have been switching out heavy winter sweaters, trousers and jackets from my closet for my summer wear this week, I have noticed that 80 per cent of my summer wear is navy blue or white, or both colors combined in stripes and other patterns. In fact I cannot walk past a “navy and white” anything in a store without stopping to look at it. I am planning a trip to Europe in mid-August, and I think I can pack just eight garments for the whole two weeks to cover any occasion that might arise.

The casual and creative nature of my work as a book editor has allowed me to pare down my wardrobe to these essentials. They are comfortable, washable and still meet my fabric composition criterion of at least 75% natural fibers.

Thanks for your insights and giving me the chance to share mine.

Carol Shetler

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