They hide under bridges and stalk us. But why? And how do we protect ourselves?

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It’s obvious trolls don’t read the articles. Very often their responses are knee-jerk reactions to a headline. Worse, their responses are often scripted. Don’t believe me? Check out your favorite writers, look at the responses they get from trolls. After awhile, they all sound the same.

How do I know they don’t read past the headline? My worst troll so far didn’t just respond to my post on the platform. He used my email to tell me that nobody wants to date me anyway, as I am fat and ugly. He stated rape and death should await me. All this in response to a FUNNY piece I did about dating online. Hmmm. …


He was planning to use the proceeds to fund his dreams.

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Photo of Blake Scott, my his Mimi, Betty Joy. From author’s collection.

We vigilantly protected the memorabilia my son collected at the Michael Jordan basketball camp, Flight School, for ten years after the last camp he attended. We carried it back from California to Texas each year. He would carry it in a bag which never left his hand, and I would keep an eye on him and it the entire trip. I stored it at home, and took it with us through selling our house, and two moves.

We had a signed basketball, signed photo, two signed posters, and a signed book. These were after we sold a couple of the first items to pay for subsequent camps. I wrote about how pitiful I was about that in this article, as well as how determined my son is about achieving his dreams. …

Why are Americans celebrating as if we had won a war?

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A young friend just asked me if this level of celebration for the Biden/Harris win was normal for presidential elections. Oddly, I couldn’t remember, at least not another one this widespread. One thing I do know. It isn’t normal during a worldwide pandemic, so that means the celebrations are something special and alluring in an unprecedented way.

The huge, exuberant Biden/Harris celebration partly grew from the relief of ridding America and the world of one of the most dangerous leaders we had ever seen. …

Humor | Politics

Okay, maybe not in the streets. But close enough.

I rolled up to the post-election rally in my new, bright red car, sunroof open, blaring Richie Havens’ “Freedom.”

President-elect Biden may not be the left-wing radical of my dreams, but as President Obama discovered, it’s hard to be that in the U.S. as leader of the free world. President Obama often brought me to happy tears, with his words full of complete sentences, his historical win, and his pure commitment to grass-roots organizing and uplifting the American people. As Joe Biden answered 45 about why Obama and Biden hadn’t accomplished the most liberal aspects of their agenda, “Two words. …


I haven’t gotten over my love affair with President Obama yet.

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It began twelve years ago, my secret affairs with presidential candidates, and one president. So far.

President Obama started it, while he was running for office. He had been my celebrity crush since the 2004 convention speech. I got my first love letter from him early on in his campaign, and my heart skipped several beats. It was a real letter, delivered by our then trustworthy and well-staffed mail service for snail mail.

It began so intimately with, “Dear Carol.” …

Humor | This Happened to me

Top writer status is ephemeral.

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Remember the feeling of finally gaining Top Writer status? No? Just me? No worries, keep writing good stuff and publishing often and you will. (Hint: consistently use the status you want as one of your tags).

The thrill is real. After a year of following my early favorites, Jessica Wildfire, Kris Gage, John Gorman, Tracey Folly, Shannon Ashley, Casey Botticello, Shaunta Grimes, and Joe Duncan, and envying their Top Writer statuses, I finally hit as Top Writer in both Humor and Parenting. Ah, the thrill of victory. I had arrived.

And then…the agony of defeat. One day, my Parenting Top Writer status simply disappeared. Much as my teen-aged son used to do when there was a chore to be done. …


Do they have things in common?

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To start with, two of these are the subjects of my most popular stories on Medium. The other most popular ones are about vaginas and my son. Not necessarily in that order.

He would be appalled to be mentioned in the same sentence as the word “vagina,” written by his mother. Even though he has a YouTube video as Moonlair360, where he makes fun of “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” with “Brotherhood of the Traveling Pocket P****.” The apple doesn’t fall far from the forbidden tree.

But I digress. My most popular story, “Why Isn’t a Used Penis a Thing,” doesn’t mention trolls or narcissism at all. However, research shows most trolls are men. Misogynistic men, similar to the ones who decided a used vagina is a bad thing, while a used penis isn’t (read the story, linked below, for more on that). …

And why do we let them?

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It’s not because they love you.

They can’t love you. They can’t even love themselves. All narcissistic activity is designed to make up for their inability to love, and to substitute for love.

“Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism,” Mayo Clinic.

That fragile self-esteem and the deep need for excessive attention, combined with a lack of empathy, is exactly why they have “troubled relationships.” …

But there will be reaching across the aisle for Cabinet posts.

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As is the current normal, there will be no handshaking during or soon after the presidential transition. And Trump, who wouldn’t shake the hand of the Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, would likely not make any first moves to do so with President Biden anyway. We’ll be lucky if he will leave at all. That’s okay. President-Elect Biden is especially qualified to reach across the aisle anyway.

What is reaching across the aisle? We’ve heard the phrase during many elections, although the actual activity is seldom visible. Reaching across the aisle is reaching out to the other political party to ask for or give support for appointees, bills, and initiatives. Literal aisles separate lawmakers in the U.S., …

“Shun the frumious bandersnatch,” Lewis Carroll.

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People have tried to scam me online on dating sites. Hinge was the worst with five attempts. The first was on OK Cupid. These are called Sweetheart Scams. I didn’t fall for them, and you don’t have to, either.

Why do I keep getting on dating sites? For one, it’s the easiest place for older singles to meet. For another, I know the signs to watch for possible scammers. You’ll know the signs, too, after reading this article, and what to do when you encounter a scammer.

First, why do scammers target older singles on dating sites? Primarily, there’s an assumption that with age comes financial stability. They believe we have money. Even though that’s not necessarily the case, which makes the successful Sweetheart Scams of older people even sadder. They also consider us as not being technologically adept, therefore easier to scam. …


Carol Lennox

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist. Leans Left. Mindfulness practioner before it was cool. M.Ed., LPC.

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