Oooh shiny new stories!

Another Instagram Stories opinion that you didn’t ask for

Because there isn’t enough noise about this already ;) here is my thinking so far. Its my first day to try this and I have been a snapper and Insta poster for a while so I have a few first day observations. I think that after the first out cry’s of “How could they steal so unashamedly!” die down from the public, there will probably be a grateful consensuses of “Well they actually did give the people what they wanted, bless em”.

Maybe there will be a rebound effect as users relieved not to have to jump from Insta to Snapchat so much will start to appreciate the “cheekiness” of Instagram going the extra questionable mile to give them what they want and now expect.

The obvious wave of momentum that makes the difference here is discovery, you can now find anyone and any subject through hashtags and the stories are yours! Its like an open invitation party now with a smorgasbord of stories that will have (at least temporarily) an excitement borne from the previous inaccessibility of them on Snapchat.

The perfectly curated/edited/controlled world of Instagram is changed forever, messier, louder, friendlier, realer and more intimate actually. It feels kind of exclusive to now watch a story from people you previously only followed through perfect photographs and edited words. They are real people and you are invited to the party but better check back every 24 hours.

UI wise the only thing that bothered me slightly and will probably be solved over time is that you can’t share a pic or video to your story through the normal picture taking and video share feature, so to me it still feels like 2 separate products united together by sharing contacts and sharing the message inbox, but I like both enough to be ok about that. It has after all only been out for 1 day. Speaking of UI, the valuable real estate up top right now has space for 5 stories only! How will the algorithm work? I haven’t figured that out yet. It doesn’t seem to be on last chronologically updated or for that matter, most interacted with Instagram account,at least in my case but if the pieces are operating as kind of separate products anyway and Instagram wants to reward the stories that the public perceive as valuable maybe the story algorithm will operate on story interaction only? So better get your Story Game on!

Few questions? How will sponsors interject in our story bliss? Will I see the Daily Mail story beside Norvina in a few days? (shivers) Hope not.

How soon will we have lenses, filters etc. and can they get ahead with any other innovative features of their own that may even serve later to blur the memory slightly of who came first with stories especially for new users?

Will I be able to use Facebook targeting data to put a story in front of an Instagram user soon? Gary Vaynerchuk is right that marketers ruin everything so we best expect/look forward to this. :)