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Why to Keep Visitors on Your Pages Longer?


Exponential growth of websites and a multitude still going online by the day, there is no dearth for competition and racing attitude among businesses. After all, business is all about trying to be ranked among the top. The gung-ho stance to reach and retain a niche drives online businesses to attract and sustain visitors.


Although attracting and captivating visitors to a business website is the key to generate user interaction, it is keeping them engaged for long and making them appreciate what you have to offer that create leads and potential sales. Making the site visitors stick around, hang about, for a longer time determines how their interests are being aroused, curiosity induced, and finally, edges them toward making a buying decision.

Apart from contributing to more leads, keeping your website ‘stickier’ — making visitors spend more time on it — helps improve favorable ratings such as ‘Alexa’, ultimately enhancing visibility of the site and consequently, drawing more traffic as well. Popularity of your website relative to other sites is a vital criterion in generating leads and increasing revenue. You can contact Best Web Designers if you are looking for Best Web Design Company in Chennai and top Web Design Company in Bangalore.

Make your Website Stickier

  • Assure that the site provides a good user experience
  • Create, replenish, and refresh enticing as well as original content regularly
  • Make navigation easy and short
  • Enhance Search Engine Friendliness
  • Offer what visitors seek-in an Innovative & entertaining manner
  • Link more related sites to your website-add Internal Links

How to Engage Visitors

It is a matter of seconds for visitors to make up their mind whether to stay on or leave your site. Being able to present what entices the audience in the shortest possible time is the key to render a website ‘sticky’. The following strategies will help websites to make visitors linger over for a longer period by virtue of existentialism of human beings:

  • Simple yet attractive things: From Website Design, through content, navigation features, and sub-pages, everything about the site must be simple and easy to adapt to. Visibility, readability, and categorization must be presented in a coherent and convenient way
  • Compelling content: Whatever line of business or activity a website is involved with, the content must be intriguing and catchy. Follow inventive methods to keep visitors occupied with informative and useful content
  • Dynamic Features: Keep changing and modifying content and images regularly, making pages of the site undergoing a constant transformation. New and fascinating content every time a visitor opens a page assures longer stay. Also, adding ‘Recommended Articles’ and ‘Recent News’ kind of promotions keep visitors stick around a while longer
  • Make visitors participate: Suggestive type of presenting content, encouraging visitors to leave their comments, directing them to added video or other such features make it cool and keep them longer

What businesses want visitors to discern can effectively be promulgated through efficiently designed, appealingly presented, and exquisitely maintained websites. Prudent planning and diligent experimentation will not only win good ranking but also enable sustainability while ensconcing great deals.

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