Cinnamon buns and ghost stories in Gwaii Haanas: watchmen provide cultural connections

The moss-covered path in Canada’s remote Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site seemed deserted until a tall, black-haired Haida man stepped from behind a giant cedar. He was watching me.

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Only twelve visitors at a time can visit Gwaii Haanas sites with Watchmen

If you go:

Haida Style Expeditions offers day trips to several of the Watchman sites

Gracie’s Place offers rooms across the street from where Haida Style Expedition tours start.

If you are doing a multi-day trip stay near Sandspit where many tour operators depart from. Bayview Garden B&B offers hostel rooms as well as B&B rooms.

Visit the Haida Heritage Center at Kay Llnagaay to learn more about Haida history and cultural demonstrations.

Originally published at Carol Patterson.